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Have you had success teaching a foreign language in your home school? What's your secret?

Share your foreign language success stories with our community, and get a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card. Our winner will be randomly drawn from posts that are entered during ELECTIVES Month.

We will do the drawing at the beginning of each month for posts in the prior month, and announce the winners on our Facebook wall and in the Co-op newsletter. Your posts will remain on this page to provide ideas and inspiration to other homeschool teachers! (Need help?)

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5 years ago · Like · Comment


At the beginning I didn't know what I was doing. But now that my oldest 2 can read and write Spanish I feel very confident. I read a lot to them in Spanish and now they read a lot to their siblings. I think it is important to teach a foreign language everyday and incorporate it during your everyday life. That way they can see it useful. Because if you don't make it useful, then is not worth learning.

6 years ago · Like · Comment


P touch power!!! I utilized my old P-touch machine and labeled the entire house with Spanish words. Everything - the light switches, the floor, items in the fridge, everything. Each time the kids grab a glass, la basso, or the milk, la leche, they receive stickers and rewards for correctly saying the Spanish word. My 5yr old is out pacing my 7yr old in this one !!

8 years ago · Like · Comment


We are using Tell Me More to learn French. My husband and I are learning it along with our 11 year old son. Last year we enrolled him in a French conversation class at our co-op and found out that it was for high school students. The other students were all high school girls! We thought he would be lost, but to our surprise he was able to to carry on a conversation with the teacher in French and was more fluent than any of the high school girls. We are loving Tell Me More.

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9 years ago · Like · Comment

"I have enjoyed using the program. It has good paced written lessons and easily understood videos that go with each lesson. It has been fun to do."
MJ, Co-op Member

"There are a few things i think can use improving and would not use this program again.

1)The screen is too small, it needs to be larger, its hard to see what their doing with their hands sometimes.

2) they dont speak at all so you have to read the word and look at the hand action at the same time, it would be better to pronounce the word so the student can listen and repeat the word while learning the sign."
Carly fleming, Co-op Member

"Both my 11 year old daughter and I are enjoying the Visual Latin course. We have completed a Latin course already so we are entering the course with over a year's Latin experience.

We find the instructor very entertaining. He speaks directly to the students and doesn't is very human. His humor adds to his teaching. His love for learning languages is infectious.

The pace the program moves at is very nice. The variety of lecture, sentence practice, and Latin readings is nice. The short (less than 10 minutes) videos are the perfect length to explain the lesson without being too long and our eyes glazing over.

The lessons are very focused and not repetitive to the point of boredom. There is just enough reinforcement to grasp the topic.

Where was this guy when I was offered Latin in high school. If this was an option for me I would have JUMPED on it. The instructor makes a potentially dry subject fun and entertaining.

My daughter already enjoyed learning about Latin and this just re-enforces her desire to learn. This program is very complementary with our previous knowledge. We are both pleasantly surprised when get to demonstrate that we have retained our previous teaching. It is always her first choice of what we do during the school-day.

That said, I don't think there is an issue entering this course with no prerequisite knowledge. The instructor starts out assuming you have never seen any Latin before.

Not being a deeply religious family, I would have preferred the readings come from a source other than the Bible, but I am not put off by it.

I would highly recommend Visual Latin to any family who is considering Latin instruction whether they be religious or not."
Sue A., Co-op Member

"My 13 y/o daughter and 12 y/o son are learning tons and ENJOYING learning Latin. Just enough info without going overboard and no jingles which my son really appreciates. My husband was impressed when after 4 weeks my daughter spouts out in Latin during a conversation together. I would recommend to anyone who likes a no nonsense approach to learning Latin that is engaging. Children are able to complete lessons on their own and require very little support on my end."
Abihake, Co-op Member

"Whistlefritz has been such an exciting addition to our homeschool day! My boys always look forward to Fritzy time! It's upbeat, the songs are catchy, and it actually works. We use both the Spanish and French DVDs. Happy customers!"
Robin Ludwig, Co-op Member

"We are all enjoying Mango-Languages... The sessions are short, fun and useful. I would highly recommend this for beginners of all ages!"
Tracie B, Co-op Member

"I love learning with Mango. The program teaches words and phrases that you would use in conversations. I find it very helpful to be able to click on a word and see and hear the pronunciation at the same time. I like that can study multiple languages at a time. My children prefer mango over duolingo as they do not have to type responses in the mango learning lessons. So far we have only used mango on mobile devices. Quizzes and tracking are available when accessed through a desktop, which we will be ready to use in a few weeks. I would highly recommend mango for learning conversational skills in a foreign language and plan on using it for years to come."
Emily R., Co-op Member

"My 8 year old has been taking the German course for 2 months now. She absolutely loves it. She has never been really exposed to German before but wanted to learn it because her grandfather is German. She never complains when it is time for German. Originally I only had her scheduled for German 2 times a week, but she enjoys it so much we pretty much do it every school day. She does a couple of lessons per day and it is really amazing how much she has learned so far. She is truly engaged in the lessons. I think the layout is great for young kids. I have tried other programs for foreign languages with my older kids when they were younger, but they gave up on them easily because they were complicated and just not engaged. Many times the other kids will stop what they are doing to watch the German lesson. Truly a great program!"
M. Tomczyk, Co-op Member

"I have been using Middlebury French for a couple of months for my 8 year old daughter. I find that the course is very engaging and she has picked up a lot of French. I have tried many different programs for French but this seems to work the best. We don't have the option to go to a French class where we live, so this give the best possible alternative. I just know that she loves doing the course and she understands French now. And my 3 year old daughter loves doing the French course too."
Noshin, Co-op Member

"We\'ve really enjoyed the Discovery Education video service. My daughter\'s 12, and there are hundreds of videos targeted at that age range. Her favorites so far are the math videos (go figure!), but we\'ve watched a lot of science and history videos as well."
Rhee Eliker, Co-op Member

"This is a wonderful tool for my family. It is easy to use and fast to search for things, they are very well grouped."
Mary T., Co-op Member

"My children and I love the songs and look forward to foreign language homeschool. Both my 3 year old and 6 year old have learned so much French that they're even correcting me sometimes. I have told many friends about the Sara Jordan products, even those who are not home educating. We also purchased the Spanish and Mandarin sets."
R. Langdon, Co-op Member

"My children (7 and 10) and I all love the songs so far! some of them are quite catchy and the kids have requested to listen to them quite often. I love that you can print out the lyrics to clarify what is being said in french. The worksheets that come with it are pretty useful as well. Overall I am really happy I bought them!"
L. Colunga, Co-op Member

"My kids love learning on the Rosetta Stone platform. It s always one of the first things they want to do in school and are proud of their progress.

We had trouble getting set up with multiple accounts at home, but the help staff at Rosetta was outstanding and helped correct the accounts in a single call."
Dawn, Co-op Member

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