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Have you had success teaching a foreign language in your home school? What's your secret?

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At the beginning I didn't know what I was doing. But now that my oldest 2 can read and write Spanish I feel very confident. I read a lot to them in Spanish and now they read a lot to their siblings. I think it is important to teach a foreign language everyday and incorporate it during your everyday life. That way they can see it useful. Because if you don't make it useful, then is not worth learning.

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P touch power!!! I utilized my old P-touch machine and labeled the entire house with Spanish words. Everything - the light switches, the floor, items in the fridge, everything. Each time the kids grab a glass, la basso, or the milk, la leche, they receive stickers and rewards for correctly saying the Spanish word. My 5yr old is out pacing my 7yr old in this one !!

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We are using Tell Me More to learn French. My husband and I are learning it along with our 11 year old son. Last year we enrolled him in a French conversation class at our co-op and found out that it was for high school students. The other students were all high school girls! We thought he would be lost, but to our surprise he was able to to carry on a conversation with the teacher in French and was more fluent than any of the high school girls. We are loving Tell Me More.

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