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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Homeschool Diploma Templates to their homeschool resources. If you have used Homeschool Diploma Templates and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.

”Hi, I would like to say thanks for making my homeschool experience easy for my family. We depend on the Co-op for a lot of different material and advice. I recently used the Diploma Templete for my son and I have to say it was great. It did what I needed it to do and because of how professional it looked and was, I was able to use it to enroll my son in his online college for the year, so thanks a lot. Anything I can do to help anyone out please feel free to reach out. ”
Amanda kelly, Co-op Member
”These diplomas look great! I love that I was able to customize it!”
Beth, Co-op Member
”This was perfect for my middle school graduate! And easy to use as well.”
Joanna Beach, Co-op Member
”The Diploma product was "professional" in appearance. I printed it on manila-colored card stock which gave it an official flavor. My son was very surprised when it was presented to him. He looked at it and said, "What? Is this REAL??"
He is the last child, so I personally won't be using it again; however, I encourage others to use it.
Very pleased and grateful the Homeschool Buyers Co-op made this available to me!”
Shari G, Co-op Member
”Very helpful when I needed to make a diploma for my son. Was easy to use and had a nice selection of colors. It was the best option I found in free downloadable templates.”
Rebecca Lujan, Co-op Member
”Fits the bill for "proof of HS graduation" (along with "informal transcript") that our son will need for transferring from community college to 4 year university. Looks similar enough to the diplomas issued by small, private schools to work well as a file copy, yet looks nice enough to go in the scrapbook along with photos of Senior year special events. We are happy with our choice & wouldn't hesitate to recommend to others. - We appreciate this kind of support from Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
V. Martin, Co-op Member
”I have homeschooled for almost a decade, every time we have a child graduate panic mode sets in as I try to either find or make a template for diplomas. This product is fantastic and has helped to take a weight off my shoulders!”
Karla Taylor, Co-op Member
”LOVE these templates! It was SO easy to print with our watermark (for our homeschool logo) and then reprint the certificate over it, for a traditional looking certificate! I used them for my daughter's elementary school graduation- it was so nice to give her a professional looking diploma, to honor all her hard work. Everyone was impressed and thought we had ordered and spent a lot of money on it! We will definitely be using for jr high and high school as well”
nicole henke, Co-op Member
”This was easy to use and edit. The end result looked nice. I used it to print a diploma to put on display for our son's graduation party, as his "official" diploma wasn't due to arrive until after the event. Thank you for this resource!”
Cathy F., Co-op Member
”Professional looking diplomas without the professional pricetag”
Francie Hamilton, Co-op Member
”I frantically was looking for a high school diploma for my daughter's graduation party. She told me "last minute" that she would like to display it at her party. I found many templates online, but many looked "homemade" or it was scary to download from unknown sites. I finally found one on Homeschool Buyers Co-op that looked professional, had the perfect words on it for a homeschooler, and I knew was safe to download. Plus my daughter was very pleased with it. Thank you so much, Homeschool Buyers Co-op, for saving the day for me.”
Marci F., Co-op Member
”Thank you for offering a diploma template. There are so many options out there and, as a parent who wants to make sure I am providing my child with the best, I have looked at several and non compare. This template is easy to use and perfect for college submission. I would recommend this template to any homeschool mom. The pride and confidence in my child's face when we presented this professional looking diploma was priceless.”
C. Brooks, Co-op Member
”The diploma templates are great! They are very nice and look very professional. Love them!”
Vivianne Rice, Co-op Member
”This is exactly what I was looking for! I needed something I could type his whole name and it still look presentable. I decided to give this program a try and I couldn't believe it...nothing changed! His name fit AND you can still see/read it!
The layout is great! I also like the choices for each diploma.
I will be using this program again! I have also enjoyed telling others about it!
Thank you for taking the time to make such a great program that truly fits all needs!”
Mari M., Co-op Member
”These templates are a wonderful resource for homeschoolers!”
Rachel G., Co-op Member
”My granddaughter graduated from elementary to middle school this summer and I used the homeschool diploma template for her diploma. She was thrilled and so was her Mom. Her older sister was graduating from a brick and mortar high school and I think our diploma looked just as nice as the one her sister received. Thanks for making these diplomas available to homeschoolers.”
Anne W., Co-op Member
”I was very thankful for this template when my son needed a diploma for an application. It was easy to use and there were no hidden costs, which wasn't true on some other sites I visited.”
Sally T., Co-op Member
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