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Summary:Do you have any questions that you just can't get answered to your satisfaction no matter how hard you try? Ask Dr. Universe! This friendly feline philosopher devotes her time to answering all the questions kids come up with. Most of the questions are science-related, but all topics are welcomed.
Description:Dr. Universe takes kids' questions as her opportunity to contact many interesting people around the university involved in researching various fields. You can even see her with them in the photos on this site!

Here is what you will find:

*Who is Dr. Universe? - There are many questions on this site which are bigger than this one, but this is perhaps the first one a visitor might have. This page gives that question the attention it deserves.

*Today's Questions - new questions are posted each day such as, "What makes your hands prune up when soaked in water?"

*The BIG Questions - an alphabetical list of some of the tough questions children ask, such as:

-Why do bees have stuff that look like hairs on their legs?
-What is a black hole?
-Why do cats hate water?
-Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
-Why do we die?
-Why does the Earth turn?
-Why are my eyes blue?
-Why does frost on a window look like plant life (leaves, ferns, and such)?
-Why does hair turn gray?
-Why are some people smart, and some people dumb?
-Why did the Mayan civilization disappear?
-What good things do mosquitoes do?
-Why do men have nipples?
-Who invented Pi?
-What is pus?
-Is the DNA of identical twins the same? Do identical twins have the same fingerprints?

*Find A Question - because there are so many questions answered on this site, this may be the fastest way to find information on a specific subject. Just type in a key word and hit "SEARCH".

*Recent Questions - some of the questions Dr. Universe has answered recently.

*How Do I Submit My Question? - helpful hints for getting answers to your toughest questions.

*Favorite Links - more great sites.

The diversity of the topics covered here is phenomenal. Just explore the questions your kids are interested in -- the answers may springboard you into a whole new area of science study.

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