Virtual Field Trip to a Hog Farm

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Resource:Virtual Field Trip to a Hog Farm
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Summary:The National Pork Board sponsors this website where you can take a virtual field trip of a hog farm. When you get to the site you will be on the “Kids” page titled “Visit the Farm.” You will see a menu. Select “Farm Tour” to join your hosts, Michael and Bethany, on a photo and text tour of their hog farm that focuses on the care, feeding, and breeding of pigs
Description:When you are through with the cyber tour, take the Pork I.Q. Test or enjoy some of the online games like “Count the Hidden Piglets.” You can also try the activities including instructions for making your own pig costume, or “Meet A Farm Kid” and learn about his experience raising pigs and showing them through the 4-H club.

Click on “For Grownups” at the top of the screen and you will see another menu bar that includes:

Teachers — Find beginning, intermediate, and advanced lesson plans and activities themed around pigs and pork.

Play the Food Pyramid Trivia Game and Puzzle.

Parents — Learn all about nutrition for kids, how to teach kids cooking skills, discover some interesting kid-friendly kitchen tools and ideas for using them.

This site offers lots of content. You may want to just take the tour initially, and then bookmark the site to return to play the games and explore the lesson plans
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