4-H Horse Farm Virtual Tour

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Resource:4-H Horse Farm Virtual Tour
Provider:Virginia Horse Industry Board
Summary:Age Range: 5-13 (Grades K-8, approximately, with parental supervision). Saddle up your virtual horses and take an entertaining and educational field trip to a horse farm.
Description:Sponsored by the Virginia Horse Industry Board and presented by the 4-H Virtual Farm, stops along your journey include:
  • Visit a Horse Farm View video interviews with horse farm owner.
  • Virginia is for Horses - Test your knowledge of Virginia horse trivia with this interactive quiz.
  • Horse of a Different Color - See the different horse colorings by name.
  • Carousel of Breeds - Using a revolving merry-go-round, select a horse to learn more about the breed.
  • Dusty the Dingy Pony - Clean up a virtual pony using the proper grooming tool with this interactive game.
  • Saddle Savvy - Learn the difference between an English Saddle and Western Saddle.
  • Horsing Around - With this interactive game, examine the anatomy of a horse.
  • 4-H Horse Show Enjoy these video demonstrations of riding and showing styles.
  • Chincoteague Pony Dreams - Join Mallory on her trip to Chincoteague and learn about the ponies and the pony swim from a Salt Water Cowboy.
  • Whoa! What's this? - Learn the language and vocabulary of the horse world.
Through the use of videos, interactive games and explorations, horse lovers of all ages will enjoy easily grazing through this colorful website.
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