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Resource:4-H Virtual Farm Tour
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Summary:Be sure you have some time to explore when you visit this site with the family, because in addition to the virtual poultry farm there are five other virtual farms for you to visit
Description:When you get to the site, click on the picture of a barn to see a short introduction followed by an invitation to select a farm by clicking on an icon as follows:

*Horse -- Visit a horse farm and watch movie clips in which the owner talks about his ranch, breeds of horses, and more.

*Fish -- Learn about aquaculture and study the anatomy of a fish. Don't miss the little interactive game which helps you find out whether you know what it takes to keep a small home aquarium healthy. :)

*Beef Cow -- Find out about raising cattle for beef.

*Dairy Cow -- Discover what it takes to raise milk cows for dairy products.

*Chicken -- Learn about the poultry business and raising chickens -- check out the virtual hatch project!

*Wheat -- See what's involved in raising grain crops for consumption.

Each of these virtual farms is designed with kids in mind, and offers extensive information along with fun activities to enhance learning. Some sections have video interviews, panoramic views of part of the farm, farming vocabulary, and even a challenge (interactive five-question quiz) at the end. This is not only a great introduction to agriculture, but will help your kids to better understand what 4-H Clubs are all about, and may get them interested in joining a 4-H club in their community. (Click on the little green cartoon character to reach the 4-H Kids' Page, or just click here:

http://www.ext.vt.edu/resources/4h/kidsmenu.html ).

Parents and teachers can click on the question mark at the bottom of the main page for curriculum standards correlation.
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