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Virtual Field Trip To See How Maple Syrup Is Made

Reviewed by Diane Flynn Keith
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Resource:Virtual Field Trip To See How Maple Syrup Is Made
Summary:Did you know that National Maple Syrup Day comes right in the middle of the holiday season? It's on Monday, December 17th. Try these websites for some ideas for maple syrup fun
Description:Making Maple Syrup
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This is a terrific video (shown in two parts on on the process of making maple syrup from sap to syrup. What's wonderful is that this depicts the multi-generational O'Brien family of Wisconsin demonstrating their maple syrup business.

This "amateur" video (shot and narrated by an O'Brien family member) is instructional covering selecting the right spot to tap a maple tree, how to use duct tape to keep the squirrels away, the equipment that's needed, collecting the sap, and filtering and cooking the sap. The first video takes a little less than 10 minutes to watch.

When it's through, look over on the right side of the screen for the menu under "Related Videos." The first item on the menu is "Making Maple Syrup Part II." Click on it to watch and learn about the evaporation process, cleansing, testing sugar density, canning, work schedules, the maple sap tapping season, and cooking with the finished product. The second video is shorter than the first.

Here are some more fun websites about Maple Syrup...
The Legend of Maple Syrup
North America is the only place where Maple Syrup is produced. It was originally made by Native Americans. At this website you can read "The Legend of Maple Syrup."

Make Some Maple Syrup & Snow Candy
Here's a language arts tie-in. Try this recipe inspired by a delicious description of sugar-on-snow in the book, "Little House in the Big Woods" by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Maple Syrup Wordsearch, Crossword, Coloring Pages & More!

Everything You Need To Know About Maple Syrup
The Massachusetts Maple Producers Association offer this comprehensive website that includes:

How to Identify Sugar Maple Trees
How Maple Syrup is Made
How to Make your own Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup Grades
Nutritional Information

And if you live in the area or plan a vacation (best time to go is March, which is Maple Month), you can take a tour of Maple Farms using these resources listed at the site:

Sugarhouse Directory and Maple Syrup Suppliers
Map of Sugarhouse Locations
Lodging and Accommodations

WARNING: Exploring these websites may lead to an insatiable desire for maple syrup. Better stock up beforehand.
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