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Summary:Age Range: 4-17 (Grades PreK-11, with parental supervision). Need some ideas to get the kids' creative juices flowing? Then hurry on over to this website where you'll find all kinds of suggestions and instructions for fun things kids can make delivered in a colorful and animated way that is utterly engaging.
Description:When you get to the site you'll see a brief welcome message. (Turn on your speakers so you can hear the occasional sound
effects.) Use the menu on the left side of the screen and click on:
  • Categorized Projects - Here you'll find a directory of the projects archived on this site, separated into categories that include:
    • Paint & Picture Fun
    • Transport & Racers
    • Potatoes & Eggs
    • Paper & Cardboard
    • Scientific
    • Apparel & Needle Craft
    • Party Games & Tricks
    • Animals, People, & Plants
    • Aeronautics & Acoustics
    • Civil Engineering
    Roll your mouse over any one and a list of the crafts in that category will be displayed. Click on any of the items and a new page opens that displays a materials list, instructions, hints, and a colorful "how to" animation.

  • Alphabetically Listed Projects - Click on this to see the projects displayed alphabetically by title - for example, Blanket Tent, Comb Painting, Dolls House, Elephant, Foil Flower, Go-Karts, etc.

  • The projects listed in this section are SEPARATED INTO AGE CATEGORIES for those under six years of age, and those over six years old. Just click on any craft and a new page opens with instructions and animated directions.
This is one of the best craft websites for kids we've seen because they keep everything so simple. The animated instructions for doing the arts and crafts projects make it a snap to understand and implement.
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