The Newseum

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Facility:The Newseum
Description:Newseum Blends High-Tech With Historical - a 250,000 square-foot museum of news offering visitors an experience that blends five centuries of news history with up-to-the-second technology and hands-on exhibits.

The Newseum is located at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Sixth Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., on America's Main Street between the White House and the U.S. Capitol and adjacent to the Smithsonian museums on the National Mall. The exterior's unique architectural features include a 74-foot-high marble engraving of the First Amendment and an immense front wall of glass through which passers-by can watch the museum fulfill its mission of providing a forum where the media and the public can gain a better understanding of each other.

The Newseum features seven levels of galleries, theaters, retail spaces and visitor services. It offers a unique environment that takes museumgoers behind the scenes to experience how and why news is made.

"Visitors will come away with a better understanding of news and the important role it plays in all of our lives," said Newseum Executive Director and Senior Vice President Joe Urschel. "The new Newseum is educational, inspirational and a whole lot of fun."
Address 1:555 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Address 2:
Zip Code:20001
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Hours:The Newseum is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily and is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.
Telephone:(888) 639-7386
Website:Visit Website
Mary Beth, Co-op Member
I want to say, first off, that you should not be turned off by the "hi tech" description to this museum. This museum has plenty of multimedia opportunities, but has so much of history in the appropriate media that you will not feel as if you are just in a techie zone. There are actual examples of newspapers and fliers from early in our country's history, pieces of the Berlin Wall, and everything you could ever want to see pertaining to how the media has covered news in our history.
We do not live in DC anymore and only have visited as "big field trips". But we never go to DC without visiting the Newseum because it would take my 12 year old and his parents a lifetime to exhaust all of the information we get out of the exhibit. We really loved how each topic in history brought together newspapers, video, and other areas of journalism to paint an amazing history that could bring tears to my eyes. The kids did love the hi tech stuff as a treat but it is so much more.
And don't miss the walkway on the top of the building in which you can see Pennsylvania Ave from the Capitol to the White House. Incredible.
Awesome museum! All 6 or 7 floors were very interesting. From The Elvis Presely Gallery to the classes that my children took on Choosing the News and how articles are chosen for the Newspaper. They learned about what makes them fron page news. This was very educational for the kids and myself as well. We were able to go on their website and print out some activities for them to do at home after the field trip. They have some exhibitions that may be too graphic for small children, but they warn you in advance. They also have a cafeteria that was the cleanest public eating area I have seen in a while. They have so many interesting exhibitions I could not name them all here. But I highly recommend a field trip the The Newseum.
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