The Great Chicago Fire Hydrants

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Resource:The Great Chicago Fire Hydrants
Provider:The Great Chicago Fire Hydrants
Summary:Age Range: All (All grades; children with parental supervision). Art comes in many forms, and at this website the art is in the form of fire hydrants. This unique collection of 101 fiberglass hydrants (representing the 101 Chicago fire houses), was a 2013 fund raising project for the 100 Club of Chicago and families of fallen firefighters.
Description:On the home page of this website, read about the project and watch a brief video presentation to learn more. Then, use the “Gallery” link at the top of the page to view the collection. When hovering over the image, the artwork name and information about the sponsor and the artist is revealed. Click the “see more” to see more images of the hydrant. Click on those images to see larger views. (Please note that a few of the hydrants have a business advertisement or an alcohol theme, so as always, parents please preview this website to determine its fit for your family.)

When you are done browsing the gallery, select the “Artists” link to discover that the artists range in age from 12 to 87 years old and come from all skill levels.

While this fundraiser may be over, the art will live on as a tribute to the firefighters and serve as an inspiration to others to see the artistic avenues that are around them.
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