The Dallas World Aquarium

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Facility:The Dallas World Aquarium
Description:Marvel as you begin at the canopy level of a South American rainforest filled with rare and indigenous plants and animals of the Orinoco River basin. The bamboo-planked path leads past monkeys, Giant river otters, many species of toucans and Orinoco crocodiles. Then get an underwater glimpse of Antillean manatees, huge turtles and schooling cichlids. Journey though the aquarium which contains 85,000 gallons of saltwater, including a 22,000 gallon walk-through tunnel. Wrasses, stingrays and rare Leafy seadragons are only a few of the intriguing marine life. Be entertained by black-footed penguins in an outdoor lagoon, while Fairy penguins can be seen swimming in their pool on the second level of the latest expansion - Mundo Maya. Enrich your understanding of the flora and fauna important to the Maya culture, including venomous snakes, Bull and Brown sharks, Jaguars, sea turtles, hummingbirds, owls and eagles. An adventure you won't want to miss!

Address 1:1801 N Griffin Street
Address 2:
Zip Code:75202-1503
V I S I T I N G   I N F O
Hours:Aquarium / Rainforest / Gift Shop Open 7 Days A Week, 10am - 5pm (Closed Thanksgiving & Christmas)

Cafe Maya Restaurant 11:30am - 2:30pm

"Eighteen-O-One" Restaurant 11:30am - 2:30pm

Jungle Cafe 11am - 4pm
Admission:Adults - $15.95 - Children (3-12 Years) - $8.95
Seniors (60 & Older) - $12.95
Children (2 & Under) - No Charge
Telephone:(214) 720-2224
Vicki Sword, Co-op Member
We could not believe the variety and uniqueness of the collection at this acquarium. We loved it there! There are also lots of birds of different kinds there too. Portions of the trip feel like a rainforest. Great for animal lovers of all kinds!
AKA, Co-op Member
This is an amazing aquarium and well worth the high price of admission (although our homeschool group was able to get a good discount). We had no problems with crowds or parking, but we went on a week day. Hardly anyone was there but our group. There were large parking lots just across the street that were (I believe) $5. Also, it's very close to the highway, so you don't have to drive on downtown surface streets much to get in and out. I'd highly recommend it.
Connie L., Co-op Member
This aquarium was unexpectedly amazing, especially since it is not especially close to the ocean. The children were captivated by all of the colors and different kinds of aquatic life, birds and others. The admission/parking fees were really pricey, but if you budget for it ahead of time, I think it is well worth it.
CC, Co-op Member
We enjoyed the aquarium several years ago, and were amazed by the exotic feel of the place. We enjoyed just walking through it, as much as seeing all of the amazing animals...some of which were out and about to see and touch. There were also a choice of restaurants to enjoy. The best part was the tunnel of glass, surrounded by sharks. My son stayed in there forever! Worth every penny!!
Tabitha Teeter, Co-op Member
This place is so exciting. From the outside it looks like an old warehouse, but when you get inside there is a rainforest and full aquarium. The facility starts you at the top of the canopy with monkeys and birds and you work your way down to the river where you can see the manatees. It's a bit like being in the biggest diorama you've ever seen.

There are also other zoo exhibits and an aquarium in another wing. My daughter and nephews loved going outside to visit the penguins.
Sam, Co-op Member
It's a wonderful place to visit. It feels so organic. We truly enjoyed the sloth just hanging out on trees without cage. We could see him/her up so close.
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