Ancient Greece

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Resource:Ancient Greece
Provider:The Children's University of Manchester
Summary:Age Range: 7-11 (Grades 2-6, with parental supervision). This website, part of the larger University of Manchester UK children's website, takes primary school-aged students on an interactive exploration of the history of ancient Greece.
Description:Using the side bar menu, begin your journey by selecting from the following:
  • Explore Ancient Greece Use the interactive map to learn more about the city-states of Greece such as Syracuse, Delphi, Olympia, Sparta, Athens, and Lesbos.

  • A timeline of ancient Greece "Travel through time to discover the treasures of Ancient Greece" with this colorful and informative timeline.

  • Greek Religion and the gods Dig into the stories of the Greek gods including Athena, Aphrodite, Hades, Poseidon, Zeus and more.

  • The Ancient Olympics Click on the correct city in Greece where the Olympics where held to learn about the games, rules, and even how to make your own "Olympic Torch".

  • The Greek Alphabet & Language Learn the Greek alphabet then play click-and-drag games to practice what you have learned.

  • Test Your Knowledge Take the interactive multiple choice quiz to test your knowledge of ancient Greece.

  • Catapult Have some fun seeing how far you can sling a rock with this online game.

  • Ride the chariot Race your chariot around the track with this fun (but a bit challenging) game. (Hint: when trying to turn, your chariot needs to be in motion you may need to hold the up and the right or left arrow at the same time.)
When you have finished your ancient Greece studies, click "Home" in the upper menu and continue the learning by exploring the other interactive programs available.
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