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Resource:FREE Online Magazine For Kids
Provider:The Bunk Room
Summary:A FREE online magazine written entirely by kids for kids called "The Bunk Room"
Description:The free magazine is designed for kids ages 8-18 and was started by two brothers who took the initiative to create their own newspaper one night, in their bunk beds (hence, the name) - while they were supposed to be sleeping.

Their mother, who has a publishing background, helped them turn their creation into an online magazine. The boys' two sisters got in on the act as well. Mom and Dad supervise and help manage the endeavor.

"The Bunk Room" is a FREE publication and you can read the current issue that is available at the website in a pdf file. Previous issues are also archived at the site.

The magazine is seeking content from kid contributors. The website provides the following list of suggestions for submissions:

*Write about what a day in your life is like. We want details!

*Inspire others with your passion. Showcase your projects, whether it be your latest musical composition, science experiment, Lego creation, tree fort, etc

*What's your issue? Write about a community cause that you are fighting for. Kids are the future of our country. We can make a difference!

*Poem Corner - Send us your stuff! Get it out of your notebook and let it shine!

*Art of the Month - Scan us your latest masterpiece!

*Kid-'Spressions - Some kids say "Rad." Some say "Sick" and they "mean" the same thing! Send us an expression you and your friends say and we'll watch the trends across the nation and world!

*Great Books - Tell us about your latest favorite books.

* Favorite Subjects - What are your favorite things to learn about? And, we don't necessarily mean in school. The world is big and bright and full of fascinating things. Tell us what you like.

Articles can be anywhere from about 100-250 words to 300-400 words.

"The Bunk Room" is a fun read for kids - and their quest for kid contributors is sure to inspire your family's writers, poets, and artists. You have to register to submit content - so as always parents should preview the site and supervise its use. If you register, you may qualify to receive some free pencils - you'll find details at the site.

Note: The site was a little sluggish when I visited. It may take a few minutes to download some of the content. Be patient and you'll be rewarded. :)
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