The Alamo

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Facility:The Alamo
Description:The Historical Alamo. Walk the grounds of the famous mission.Headsets and guided tours available. Online lesson plan to go along with your field trip or to study on your own. Very informative and captivating to those who enjoy Texas history.
Address 1:300 Alamo Plaza
Address 2:
City:San Antonio
Zip Code:78205
V I S I T I N G   I N F O
Hours:9-5:30 M-Sat;10-5:30 Sunday. Closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Some extended hours during summer
Admission:Free- Donations encouraged to help with preservation and upkeep.
Telephone:(210) 225-1391
Laura Dawson, Co-op Member
I had no idea there was so much to do and see at the Alamo. The main building that is always seen in pictures was actually the church. Inside the church (which is called the shrine) is a museum with a lot of Davy Crockett's belongings. There is also a replica of what the Alamo Compound used to look like. It is fascinating.

If you go to the Long Barracks, where most of the men were killed, you can see a film about the Alamo and another museum. There is also a gift shop.

The grounds are beautiful and a lot smaller than they were originally. If you are lucky, an Alamo Docent will be on hand to tell you not only of the battle at the Alamo but what happened afterwards and how Texas won their independence from Mexico. It is an amazing story and well worth seeking out the docent to hear.

The Alamo is free to visit, but you may have to pay for parking if you are not staying in a nearby hotel. When I wasn't staying there and could walk, I found inexpensive parking at the train station which is only a few blocks away. It is metered and costs a lot less than the parking garages.
Jackie Penn, Co-op Member
You can't visit San Antonio without seeing the Alamo, especially since it's free. There are several buildings that makeup the complete complex of just over 4 acres.

For Texans, the Alamo is a symbol of freedom and courage, however, there were plenty of non-Texans that helped defend the old mission. This field trip is a great jumping off place for kids to research the history of Texas and Mexico.

The gardens are beautiful so don't forget your camera. A plant and tree field guide might be helpful for some. Make sure to wear tennis shoes since you will be walking around the grounds and the nearby tourist attractions such as the River Walk. You will have to pay to park. We stayed at a very nice hotel adjacent to the Alamo and still had to pay for parking at the hotel.
Vicki Sword, Co-op Member
All but one of our children has been to the Alamo. Time to go back! What a wonderful place to begin your Texas history education. You can walk where the patriots walked and learn all about their lives. There are also great homeschool resources in the gift shop. Enjouy!!
Penny, Co-op Member
It might be a great help to view any of the several Alamo Hollywood films that have been made. Although many differ in some ways, the basic series of events are the same. I know my children would benefit from this. I parked at the mall and arrived at the Alamoa via the River Walk boatride. - I just disembarked and it was a short walk, but well worth it. Bring your camera, but remember, you'll be restricted from photography inside the Church itself - buy postcards!
B. Hargett, Co-op Member
The Alamo was a highlight of our trip to Texas. The thing that most impressed me was the height of the walls. No wonder they lost their lives! The wonder is that they held off the Mexicans for that long. I would have to say that the place loses a little savor by the many gift shops strewn everywhere. But they are fun to walk through on their own merits. There is a small garden there that invites a calm rest, at least, when not in the busy season.
Amy R., Co-op Member
This was something to see. It was moving and very educational. The only downside was that it was very busy and very warm. It is self-paced and we were fortunate enough to listen to a brief talk by a docent. There is also a free movie available on site. My advice would be to visit during a weekday. Being from Michigan, I learned a lot about Texas history. The room that the women and children stayed hidden in was especially touching to see.
Jill, Co-op Member
It is a very neat historical place. There are a lot of old artifacts displayed on the grounds. My kids enjoyed it a lot. It was bigger than I thought it would be. The are beautiful paths to walk on and fountains to see. I would definatly go back.
Missy P, Co-op Member
Most everything about the Alamo trip is great. Seeing and being able to touch the actual building is great. We could only afford one headset ($6) and so that made it a bit hard for the younger kids to get engaged. We really liked the museum portion off in a side building, but beware! The people watching the artifacts, which are displayed in glass, are very serious. Keep your touchy-feely kids at a distance. Not that I'm speaking from experience...
renee, Co-op Member
should go when they have homeschool event and have guns and demonstrations going on. Well worth the trip if want to see some history, the whole area there nice.
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