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Resource:Free DVDs - Stossel in the Classroom
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Summary:Age Range: 11 and up (middle school, high school, and college level)
A big THANK YOU to ClickScholar Nancy Hogan for recommending this website "Stossel in the classroom." Sponsored by the Center for Independent Thought (a non-profit educational foundation) it offers a free DVD each school year that is a compilation of John Stossel's television programs and specials, along with a teacher guide with lesson plans and ideas for complementary activities. A new DVD is produced each year and, along with the associated resources, is free to teachers (including home educators).
Description:When you get to the site you'll see John Stossel's smiling face and learn how to register (free) to get the new "2010 Edition" DVD, as well as an accompanying downloadable "Teacher's Guide" containing lesson plans, activity suggestions, handouts, and vocabulary. Not only that, but past titles from previous years are available for free as well.

In addition to getting the free DVD and resources, you can use the menu at the top of the home page to watch a "Streaming
Video" from Stossel on a thought-provoking topic. A new video is posted to the website each month and teacher resources are available too. Past videos are archived at the site covering a variety of categories including business, college, consumer
issues, healthcare, law, privacy, and more. You can also search the videos by subject including:

*English Language Arts
*Political Science
*US History
*World History
~and much more!

Again, all of this is provided for FREE - they simply request that you send them your feedback on the website and products
to share with fellow teachers/educators.

When you register at the site, you will automatically receive the quarterly e-newsletter with convenient links to order the
latest free DVD, play the free monthly streaming video clips, and access the featured teacher resources.
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