Egg Experiments & Virtual Chicken Hatch!

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Resource:Egg Experiments & Virtual Chicken Hatch!
Provider:Steve Spangler Science: Amazing Egg Experiments
Summary:Age Range: 9 and up (younger children may enjoy these too, with adult supervision) ClickScholar Theresa recommended this website with fun, free science experiments using eggs
Description:When you get to the site you'll see some featured experiments that include:

Squeeze an Egg Without Breaking It
How to Tell if an Egg is Hard-Boiled or Raw
Make an Egg Float on Water

Be sure to click on the word "Video" on the menu to see an "Exploding Egg" experiment, and check out the "Related Experiments" too!

You say you want more? Then don't miss...

Science Junction: Eggs-cellent Adventures

An egg is a very big cell. This website offers experiments such as:

The Biochemistry of the Egg Shell
Diffusion and Osmosis in Animal Cells
The Flying Pizza Pan Egg Drop!

And if all of that fun sparks an interest in eggs, be sure to visit:

4-H Virtual Hatch Project

4-H offers the opportunity to learn about embryology by watching virtual embryonic development and incubation of a chicken egg. When you are through learning all about the embryology of chicken eggs - you can CLICK HERE to see a virtual chicken egg hatch.

It's all very eggs-citing!

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