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Resource:Live Owl Cam & Much More!
Provider:SportsmansParadise: Owl Nest Cam
Summary:Age Range: All (Parents, as always, should preview to determine suitability of content.) A BIG THANK YOU to ClickScholar Rena Hobbs who suggested this website. I was going to save it until tomorrow's Virtual Field Trip, but the action is just too incredible to make your students wait a single day longer!
Description:This hunting and fishing website offers a live stream from a camera placed inside a Barn Owl's nesting box. Thirty minutes ago, I watched the momma owl (named Molly) eat an entire rabbit - and I watched her do the same thing yesterday! She is sitting on 5 eggs that are due to hatch any moment. Once those owlets arrive - the action is going to really take off! There is a microphone in the nesting box as well - so you can hear the clucking, cooing, and other sounds made.

In addition to the owl show, the sportsman who owns this nesting box narrates what's happening from time to time. Yesterday, for example, he took questions from kids at an elementary school via Skype. He leaves notices of any planned presentations on the site. So keep a look-out for them.

You and your family can learn so much about nature and the circle of life by observing this view into a usually hidden world. Don't miss it!

By the way, if this peaks your kids interests in Barn Owls there is more information located on this site about them here:

Not only that, this site offers links to animal cams of deer, turkey, rabbit, crow, bear, raccoon, squirrel, doves and more.

Plus, there's even a link to an underwater fish cam where you can see Perch, Largemouth Bass, and Sunfish (bluegill).

Bookmark this site (that earns a ClickSchooling Award for excellence) as you'll want to return often!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Live Web Cam sites sometimes go dark inexplicably. If that happens, don't panic and please don't email me. :) Simply close the window to the site and return at another time. Persistence will pay off. If it doesn't, use the contact form at the website to see if they have an explanation, or contact your own tech service to see if there's a problem with your computer interfacing with the site. One more thing, ClickScholars have been know to overwhelm a website, making it temporarily inaccessible. Should that happen, just keep trying and eventually you should get through.

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