Parts of Speech Tutorial

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Resource:Parts of Speech Tutorial
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Summary:Age Range: 7-10 (Grades 2-6, with parental supervision). This fun "Parts of Speech Tutorial" is comprised of a series of animated games that help kids identify and use nouns, adjectives, verbs, commas, and capitals. Itís part of the massive, ad-supported Sheppard Software website that offers hundreds of free learning games for children in language arts, math, science, history and more.
Description:When you get to the website look at the menu on the left and right sides of the page to find educational games that include:

  • Noun Explorer - Learn the definition of a noun and use it to feed fish in the animated game.

  • Adjective Adventure - Select fly adjectives and use them to feed the spiders.

  • Verbs in Space - Use verbs to hammer robot aliens in space.

  • Magical Capital - Help a fairy capitalize words in sentences.

  • Comma Chameleon - Select punctuation marks and help the chameleon place them in a sentence correctly.

When you're finished, be sure to click on the words "Sheppard Software" at the top of the screen to explore all of the learning games offered at this site. You'll want to bookmark it to return often.
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