Sedgwick County Zoo

The Visiting Info shown below, if any, is always subject to change. Please check the facility's website for the latest information before making a trip.

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Facility:Sedgwick County Zoo
Address 1:5555 W Zoo Blvd
Address 2:
Zip Code:67212-1698
V I S I T I N G   I N F O
Telephone:(316) 660-9453
Website:Visit Website
Susan L., Co-op Member
Better than 5 star! Are you looking for a zoo that has a wide variety of animal and plant life? Do you also like to have the opportunities of a large zoo with the laid back and friendly environment of a small one that is easy to traverse? Then this is the zoo for you! For a large family, it may prove more beneficial to have an annual membership, even if only visiting one time. We enjoy going year round. The zoo is easy to walk even with strollers, wagons, ice-chests or wheel chairs. There are boat and train tours available too. A petting zoo and playground for the youngers; and plenty of indoor areas, such as a "rain forest" and a Herpetarium to enjoy even during inclement weather. The snack bars are not too pricey and you are welcome to bring food with you. There are plenty of other features to this wonderfully family friendly zoo: scheduled classes for all ages, a party room for rent, overnight excursions, holliday events, and hands-on experience for students who wish to volunteer with the animal care... be sure to check this wonderful resource out. You will be happy you did!
C. Bartholomew, Co-op Member
The Sedgwick County Zoo on the outskirts of Wichita, Kansas, is definitely one of the best zoos in the nation; in fact, it is one of our family's top 2 of dozens. Our family really appreciated the huge spaces and realistic environment given to all of the animals, especially the enormous North American plains and African savannah areas. Such large spaces make for a lot of walking, but the zoo has that covered too. The narrated Tram is free, stops at several locations along the route, and makes any area of the zoo readily accessible for those who cannot walk the whole way. The boat tour is not free but is reasonably priced and an awesome way to tour when the Kansas oven is going full blast during the summer. The giraffe feeding station and the elephant demonstrations were always a hit with our kids - they laugh every time they think of the elephants playing in their big yard or swinging and stretching their trunks out to see if they can reach beyond the perimeter trench to get the leaves of the trees shading the spectators just beyond the fence. The interpretive displays, the Kid's Club, and the huge assortment of gift shop products provided ample opportunities for us to do a variety of unit studies during and after each visit. While the entrance fees are reasonable, the annual membership pass is an awesome deal for a family that wants to visit again and again. Members get lots of extras that are not available to the general public, such as night tours, an ice cream social, and lots of additional resources. We were even able to take the grandparents with us whenever they visited!
Joe L., Co-op Member
Excellent zoo, constantly updating. Easy to navigate, has a theme park feel to the newer exibits. Just fininshed a new Tiger area and the "Jungle" area is always a big hit with my kids which includes walking behind a waterfall and under a pond with "real fish" in it. They offer educational events throughout the year and you can schedule overnight campouts as part of a group function. The family rate is reasonable for a large family and has good recipricols with other regional zoos.
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