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Resource:Follow The Manatee
Provider:Seaworld: Rita's Released
Summary:SeaWorld in San Diego released a manatee named Rita back into the wild today. She has been held in captivity for 26 years
Description:My family and I saw Rita at SeaWorld about 12 years ago. Her graceful movement through the water in the gigantic tank, despite her immense size (12-feet long and 3,000 pounds), was truly impressive.

SeaWorld has attached a tracking device to Rita and in the event she has difficulty acclimating to her new-found freedom, wildlife rescuers will be ready to intervene.

Meanwhile, SeaWorld intends to post updates at their website so you can follow Rita's progress. Updates were set to begin this afternoon.

When you get to the website you'll see a press release and a photo of Rita. When updates are posted, you will be able to read them. If there aren't any updates when you visit the site, have patience and check back later.

Or, click on the words "Manatee Infobook" and take some time to learn all about the manatees' biology, habitat, and behavior. You'll see some terrific pictures too.

ABC news carried this story and offers a video of Rita's Release on their website at Your kids are sure to enjoy this live look at Rita before tracking her progress on the SeaWorld site.
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