Science Museum of Minnesota

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Facility:Science Museum of Minnesota
Address 1:120 West Kellogg Boulevard
Address 2:
City:St. Paul
Zip Code:55102
V I S I T I N G   I N F O
Telephone:(651) 221-9444
Website:Visit Website
Kim S., Co-op Member
One of our favorite places to visit frequently is The Science Museum of MN, which has an abundance of science and history resources that appeal to children and adults. With 370,000 sq. ft. of fun and educational exhibits (permanent and rotating), frequent visits are a must. There are so many fascinating, interactive activities and hands-on experiences that your children won t even realize that how much knowledge they are gaining. In-depth educator guides are available to further enhance the learning experience.

Some of the rotating exhibits that our family has enjoyed include Body World, Star Wars, and the Titanic.

The human body gallery has a demonstration station where presenters use models, tissue samples and other objects to show you more about the human body. The staff is very knowledgeable and has been able to answer all of our endless questions. In the cell lab, you can actually extract DNA from grain and in the perception theater, you can interact during the show for a sensory experience that shows the "magic" of the brain and the power of perceptions.

We usually bring something from nature to the Collections Corner. You tell the staff what you learned about it, earn points and then have the option to trade it for something else such as a fossil, crystal or geode.

Check out an educating and entertaining film at the Omnitheater. This IMAX is one of the best we ve seen. The massive domed screen creates a complete immersion experience. Documentaries are about nature, paleontology, geography, technology, the arts, space, etc.

Instead of taking the elevator, be sure to use walk on the musical stairs that play a different note for each stair you step on.

There is also an outdoor science park, called the Big Back Yard. In addition to hands-on exhibits and the miniature golf course, the outdoor gallery features a prairie maze, gardens, and a solar-powered science house. We loved panning for fossils and gemstones. If you want to learn more about plants, you can download the Native American garden plant guide.

The museum also offers classes for adults and children that include subjects like computer programming, Get set to be a Vet, paleontology, physics, forensics, electricity, biology, engineering and dozens more

The museum is offering educators, including homeschoolers, a year-long family membership for only $59. Discounted parking vouchers are available for $5. Membership includes admission to over 200 museums around the world.

We ve been members for over ten years and never tire of visiting. We used to spend more time looking at the dinosaurs and making tornadoes whereas now we seem to focus more on doing experiments.

This is not like any other science museum and is really worth a visit . . . or two!
Kathy D., Co-op Member
We have been to SMM twice in the past week. We saw 2 of the Omnifest movies on the IMAX. I thought Ski to the Max was painful. While Into the Deep was well done.

My younger children are 7 & 9. They really enjoyed playing on the musical steps. They were very engaged in the wave tank, enjoyed playing with changing the size of the waves.

The science live programs are very well done AND entertaining, for children and adults.

Finally, my disclaimer - I grew up close enough to Chicago to go to the Museum of Science & Industry. While this museum is great, it does not compare to MSI.
S. H., Co-op Member
A visit to the Science Museum is always a good investment of our time. My boys have a great time visiting this museum. They especially enjoyed the movie, about the Titanic, that was showing in the Omnitheater on their last visit. Some perennial favorites are the River Pilot Simulator and anything in the Experiment Gallery. When I asked them what their favorite things were for this review, they said they didn't think they could pick since they liked everything. My 12 year old did clarify that he didn't enjoy viewing the slices of different body parts in the Human Body Gallery. The Museum also offers great views of the Mississippi River. This is always a productive and fun visit for my family.
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