Saint Louis Zoo

The Visiting Info shown below, if any, is always subject to change. Please check the facility's website for the latest information before making a trip.

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Facility:Saint Louis Zoo
Address 1:One Government Drive
Address 2:
City:St. Louis
Zip Code:63110
V I S I T I N G   I N F O
Telephone:(800) 966-8877
Website:Visit Website
G. A., Co-op Member
The zoo is one of the favorites of St. Louis Attractions. And it's free! There are some admission areas, but many of those are free for the first hour that the zoo is open each day. The children's zoo is a great place to visit with younger children and it is free for the first hour each day. You may bring a picnic in with you as food there is a bit high. The railroad and sea lion shows are fun to experience, and they cost as well. It is hard to see the entire zoo in one day, but it is possible. Zoo keeper chats and animal feedings happen frequently also, be sure to ask at the information desk for the daily schedule. Parking is a bit expensive also, but it you don't mind a longer walk, you can usually parallel park along the street. One of our favorite times to visit the zoo is in the late fall when it is getting colder outside. The zoo isn't as crowded then, and the animals are more active.
L.Lindsey, Co-op Member
I have traveled to many states and visited many zoos, and the St. Louis Zoo is by far the best there is. Young and old will enjoy all the animals, exhibits, activities, and shows. A must see for any St. Louis trip.
B. Hargett, Co-op Member
Any trip in the St. Louis area, and any trip to the west that passes through the city should include a visit to this great zoo. The walk itself is a lovely landscaping tour, with many green plants that delight the eyes and delightful animal enclosures for the bigger animals that look like natural rock. I liked being able to see the same animals from different vantage points through the beautiful settings.

They have a narrated railroad ride at cost that goes by favorite exhibits. They also have exceptionally beautiful buildings at this zoo with a lovely gift shop. And this zoo is free admission.

You can make the most of your visit by dropping by their website at and making a plan. It is one of the best zoo websites I have seen.
Kay, Co-op Member
This has been a yearly destination for us since the summer our 6 year old turned one. There is a wonderful children's zoo area with shows and a learning center we always go to first. The penguin and puffin house is another favorite stopwith the glass walls so our now 6 and 3 year okd can watch the birds swim. We always do the carasel and face painting. Normally explore the insectorium and of course meander around the rest of the zoo seeing various animals.
Emily P., Co-op Member
This is one of the best zoos I have ever been to...and it's free! Set in gorgeous Forest Park, the zoo has excellent outdoor and indoor habitats for its resident animals. The penguin exhibit was a particular favorite of my 2-year-old. If you go in the summer, make sure to bring a large water bottle for everyone in your group; it gets quite hot, and there wasn't a lot of shade for visitors.
T. Bates, Co-op Member
I grew up going to this Zoo, and though I no longer live in the area I've taken my girls for visits when I'm back visiting family. A great, FREE, zoo! Very large and many areas have been refurbished/redone over the years. We love the Children's Zoo (not free but worth the cost!) and the new penguin exhibit. It's worth purchasing the train tickets if you are visiting in the summer, when it's very hot and the size of the zoo starts to wear on the little ones :)
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