Free "Charlotte's Web" Lessons & Activities!

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Resource:Free "Charlotte's Web" Lessons & Activities!
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Summary:Age Range: 6-11 (approximately, with parental supervision) Today, July 11th, is the birthday of E.B. White, American author of the beloved children's book, Charlotte's Web. He was born in 1899. At the following websites you'll find the author's biography, activities, games, lessons, and resources themed around Charoltte's Web.
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This website offers free "classroom" activities that can be tweaked for homeschoolers. It includes Charlotte's Web-themed lessons on how to write an Acrostic Poem and/or a Comparative Essay, how to make a Venn Diagram, and provides a field trip suggestion. I also provides links to other Charlotte's Web resources including the publisher's website (Harper Collins) that offers some fun online games themed around the book.

Charlotte's Web Quiz
Test your knowledge of the book with this fun quiz.

Charlotte's Web Movie Games The book was made into a very popular movie. At the Charlotte's Web movie website, you'll find interactive video games and activities based on the characters in the book.

E.B. White's Biography offers a very brief bio of E. B. White's Letter From E.B. White

Read a letter that E. B. White wrote to his readers answering many of the frequently asked questions about his works.

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