Thanksgiving Interactive: You are the Historian

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Resource:Thanksgiving Interactive: You are the Historian
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Summary:Age Range: 6-13 (Grades 1-8, with parental supervision). Interested in learning about the history of Thanksgiving? Look no further than this award-winning website produced by Plimoth Plantation (the spelling is correct). Here, kids and their families can discover what really happened at the first Thanksgiving and separate the myths from the facts.
Description:When you get to the site you will see a brief introduction. Click on "Begin Your Adventure" and a new page opens to a multi-media extravaganza with beautiful sights and sounds. Your hosts invite you to use clues to unearth the real history behind the Thanksgiving feast. Notice the Teacher’s Guide icon in the bottom right corner – you may want to click on that if you prefer a more lesson-structured approach and guideline to exploring this website. You may also access the guide within the investigation presentation.

Eager learners can also jump right in and begin their investigation by clicking “Enter to begin your investigation!” A new page opens with a menu that includes:
  • Fact or Myth — What’s true and what’s not about the people and events surrounding the first Thanksgiving? Did the guests eat cranberries and turkey? What you discover may surprise you.

  • The Evidence — View and read a primary source document — the only existing written, first-hand-account of the feast. A terrific introduction to exploring primary source documents — don’t miss it!

  • The Wampanoag People — Learn about the Native People who were at the first Thanksgiving, and how they celebrate the different seasons of the year.

  • The English Colonists — Take a trip back in time to the home of a Pilgrim and find out how they prepared for the Thanksgiving feast.

  • The Path to 1621 — Find out about the events that led up to the First Thanksgiving.
This is an engaging website presenting historically accurate evidence of the first Thanksgiving or harvest celebration in colonial America that kids of all ages are certain to enjoy.
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