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Phi: The Golden Number

Top Subjects:  Animals   Art/Architecture   Geography   Health   History   Math   Reading   Science
Resource:Phi: The Golden Number
Provider:Phi: The Golden Number
Summary:Age Range: 9-18 (Grades 4-12, parental supervision). This website is devoted to the exploration of Phi, an irrational number like Pi that is the ratio of the line segments that result when a line is divided in a special way. You'll find many demonstrations of Phi along with its history from ancient Greece and Egypt, to the Renaissance, to modern day with its appearance in quasi-crystals -- a form of matter discovered in the 1980's.
Description:Use the menu to see Phi demonstrated in many different areas including:
  • Design/Art - Phi is in Art, Architecture, Color, Music, Poetry, Marketing, and even Credit Cards.

  • Life - Explore Phi in Human Anatomy, Animals, Plants, DNA, and Population Growth.

  • Mathematics - Including Means, Fibonacci Patterns, Pascal's Triangle, and more.

  • Geometry - Look for Phi in Bucky Balls, Circles, Triangles, Orthogons, Quasi-crystals, Spirals, and more.

  • Markets/Gaming - See how Phi and Fibonacci numbers are used to predict stock market moves.

  • Cosmos - Phi appears in the Solar System, Universe, Quantum Matter, Quantum Time, etc.

  • Theology - See a demonstration of Phi in the Bible.
This is an ad-supported website that provides a fascinating demonstration of mathematics (and particularly Phi) in all aspects of life. It is beautifully illustrated and clearly written.
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