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Resource:Food Safety Science
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Summary:Age Range: 9 and up (approximately, with parental supervision). A homeschool mom recommended this website produced by her daughter, Katrina, as part of a project to earn a Girls Scouts Gold Award. The website teaches kids how to eat in restaurants safely with free hands-on activities, videos, and resources for studying germs, food safety, and more.
Description:When you get to the site, you'll see a horizontal menu. Use it to explore:

Videos - Watch 4 short videos that teach about food safety scores, the importance of hand washing, eating safely and avoiding germ contamination, and how to transport, store, and reheat leftovers and takeout.

Resources - This section includes:

*Activity Ideas - Over 15 free lessons that include information on foodborne illness, food safety laws, the spread of germs, preparing food safely, restaurant inspections and safety guidelines, and the importance of refrigeration. Click on any topic and a new page opens with guiding questions, materials list, instructions, questions for discussion, and ideas to further learning.

*Children's Books - Get a bibliography of books (designed for kids) about the science of food safety. You can print out the list and check out the books at your local library, or purchase them from a bookstore.

*Food Safety Links - A terrific archive of links to other websites with information on the science of food safety including free curriculum, interactive games, and my personal favorite, "Food Safety Music," that includes parodies of popular songs by food toxicologist, Dr. Carl Winter.

For Teachers - You'll find a recap of the activities and resources as well as links to printable quizzes on food safety, hand washing, food storage, etc.

This website, developed by a homeschooler, provides a wealth of resources to explore the science of food safety.
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