Engaging Social Sciences Games and Much More

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Resource:Engaging Social Sciences Games and Much More
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Summary:This website that provides a free sampling of curriculum-based entertainment in the form of educational games that were designed for Discovery Education
Description:While there are many games to sample at the site, this featured link will take you to the section that provides some free games themed around history and geography that include:

*Early American History - In this game you place 10 postage stamps that commemorate important dates and famous people in American history onto a timeline. Click on a stamp and launch an engaging video lesson about that person or event.

*Geography: A Regional Vision - In this activity you assemble video clips about different geographical areas of the U.S. into short 1-minute movies. As you select the video clips you can read and learn about these geographic areas such as the Rocky Mountains, the Great Plains, and the Mississippi River.

*Geology: When the Earth Moves - Drag and drop video clips about continental drift and tectonic plates, volcanoes, earthquakes and more to demonstrate how the Earth moves and why.

Turn on your speakers to hear music and narration. Be prepared to experiment when you try these games - in some cases it's not readily apparent how to proceed - but if you click around a bit, trial and error will eventually get you to the goal.

When you're through with the games about social sciences - check out the games designed for Language Arts. Then, scroll up the page and discover all kinds of games - some designed for learning, and others just for fun.

PLEASE NOTE: I did not review all of the games, so as always, parents should preview them to determine suitability of content.
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