On the Trail of Captain John Smith

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Resource:On the Trail of Captain John Smith
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Summary:Age Range: 9-14 (Grades 4-8, with parental supervision). This website offers a fun, interactive game that allows kids to learn about Captain John Smith's voyage from England to America and the establishment of a colony in what is now Virginia.
Description:When you get to the site simply click on "Let's Go" to play the game. Be sure to turn on your speakers so you can hear the narrated video presentation that is also displayed in text below the screen.

The topics are:
  • Off to Virginia - Watch an introduction and brief history about the initial voyage.

  • Building A Fort - Learn about the disagreement among the colonists about building a fort to protect the colony.

  • John Smith is Captured! - Discover the difficult conditions the colonists face and the exploration they embarked upon to find relief. Find out how John Smith was captured by Native Americans and the result of his capture.

  • Powhatan's Power - Learn about Captain John Smith's meeting with the Indian Chief Powhatan. Is the legend of how Pocahontas saved John Smith's life true? Discover historians' perspective on this story.

  • Help from the Indians - Play a treasure hunt game to find the natural resources in the bay and marshlands that helped the colonists survive.

  • Exploring the Chesapeake - John Smith and the colonists were seeking gold and a Northwest Passage. Find out what they DID find, and play some games that will test your skill at virtual fishing and boating.
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