Interactive Geography & Social Sciences Games

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Resource:Interactive Geography & Social Sciences Games
Provider:National Geographic
Summary:Age Range: 5-18 (K-12, with parental supervision). National Geographic offers a selection of free, interactive, multi-media games designed to teach students of all ages about geography and social sciences.
Description:When you get to the site, you'll see a picture of a featured game. Look on the right side of the picture to find a short menu of games currently featuring:

*Geo Games - Place continents correctly on a map of Earth. Then, place countries and cities all over the globe. Try to beat the clock!

*Global Closet Calculator - Based on items in your own closet, create a map showing your interdependence on other countries.

*My Ocean - Take a virtual journey through the Indian, Atlantic, Pacific, Antarctic, and Arctic oceans and learn about food chains, ecosystems, and more.

Below the featured games you'll see a filter that you can use to find more interactive games for specific grades/ages, subjects, etc. Enter your preferences and a menu of games targeted to your area of interest will appear. Click on any game to get started.

I suggest bookmarking this site as your kids are sure to enjoy it, and you'll have to return several times to explore the array of educational games available.
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