Audio Myths & Legends with Lessons

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Resource:Audio Myths & Legends with Lessons
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Summary:Age Range: All (children w/ parental supervision; fun for all ages) A Maryland ClickScholar suggested this FANTASTIC website where you can watch and listen to narrated animations of myths and legends. Most originated in England, but you'll find tales from Scotland, Ireland, Russia, Africa, China, Australia, and more.
Description:Plus, this site offers a free "story creator" online program that allows you to CREATE YOUR OWN LEGEND and submit it for inclusion on the website.

When you get to the site you'll see some featured presentations. Use the horizontal menu at the top of the page to explore
: Myths and Legends - Enjoy watching over 50 animated and narrated myths and legends from around the world including:

*Humpty Dumpty (England)
*Pandora's Box (Greece)
*Sir Gawain & the Green Knight (England)
*The Black Egg, Pan Gu (China)
*The Gurt Wurm of Shervage Wood (England)
*The Legend of Tam O'Shanter (Scotland)
*The Lengend of the Three Sisters (Australia)
*The Snow Maiden (Russia)
*The Wild Man of Orford (England)

Plus, you'll find a menu of "Your Stories" that are tales written independently by website visitors from all over the world. You'll also find a menu of stories that website visitors created using the online "Story Creator" program.

*Create Your Own - Click on this option to use the "Story Creator" program. It guides you step-by-step in selecting characters, a story line, adding text, pictures, and sound. This is a terrific way to engage students of all ages in the creative writing process!
*Teachers - Get teaching tips and resources that include downloadable lesson plans and activity ideas to enhance learning.

This one earns a ClickSchooling Award for excellence in combining education and technology.

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