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Resource:Incredible Maps
Summary:ClickScholar Melissa suggested this website that offers free world and historic maps created over a vast timeline on a wide variety of topics
Description:Depending on the cartographer who created the map, as well as the era the map was drawn, you'll see remarkable artistry and fascinating information depicted in this stunning collection. When you get to the site you'll see the featured maps of the day and next to it a simple menu of map categories including:

*World Maps - View maps by early explorers, and maps depicting ocean currents, world time lines, topography, politics, and
very unusual maps such as the distribution of cannibalism in the 19th century!

*Europe Maps - Get maps of European countries and major European cities. Find national parks and monuments. Explore
satellite maps, nautical maps, maps depicting the invasion of the Roman Empire, maps of languages spoken in European
countries, and there are even maps of nuclear power plants in Europe.

*Asia Maps - Explore maps of the countries of Asia, including major cities, landmarks, historic events, maps of medieval commerce and modern tourism.

*Africa Maps - Discover maps of the countries, provinces, and cities in Africa. See maps depicting political regimes, official languages in Africa, topography, and thematic maps as well.

*Australia Maps - See satellite and topographic maps of the regions and cities of Australia. Don't miss the very first map of Australia drawn in 1547.

*North America Maps - See maps of Canada, Mexico, the U.S., Cuba and Jamaica including major regions and cities. There are even very specific maps showing, for example, the extermination of bison by the end of the 19th century, slavery and emancipation in the U.S., the Kennedy Space Center, and even railways in Cuba.

*South America Maps - View a variety of historic maps of the countries of South America including unusual maps such as a map of the city walls of Lima, Peru in the 17th century.

*Antarctica Maps - Compare ancient maps to satellite images of today.

*Celestial Maps - Enjoy an artistic rendering of the heavens made by Dutch cartographer Frederik de Wit in the 17th century.

Use the search tool to find maps of interest. You may also enjoy looking at the "Popular Maps" featured in a sidebar menu on the home page. Fascinating stuff! :)
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