Challenging, Interactive Math Games

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Resource:Challenging, Interactive Math Games
Summary:Age Range: 9 and up (about 4th grade and up)
A brand new ClickScholar suggested this UK-based website that offers several sample math games (from it's commercially available game-based learning system) that challenges and entertain students. You can try the games for free - and there is no obligation to purchase
Description:As explained at the website, instead of force-feeding dry math content with anachronistic textbooks, MangaHigh entices
networked students to learn mathematical concepts as part of game-play.

When you get to the site, you'll see the menu of 4 sample games that include:

*Flower Power - Grow flowers and harvest them to make money. The average 7-minute game requires players to put more than 100 fractions, percentages and decimals in order of size, both positive and negative.

*Pyramid Panic - Students must master the full spectrum of geometry skills from area of a square, through Pythagoras to
Sine, Cosine and Tangent in order to win this game.

*Save Our Dumb Planet - Use missiles to shoot down meteors on a collision course with Earth. A team of dumb scientists are
on hand to suggest possible trajectories. Draw lines using equations, recognize the equations of simple lines and common
curves, draw simple quadratic curves, and test to see if a point is on a line.

*Bidmas Blaster - Robots have run amok and need to be destroyed. Use your order-of-operations code-cracking abilities (including adding and subtracting whole numbers, times tables up to 10 x 10, and using powers and roots) to close these robo-rebels down.

Click on any one to read the instructions and begin the game. Things move quickly - so be prepared to be on your toes!

As explained at the site, the idea here is "to bring out the playful side of math while ensuring that students get the essential skills to master this important subject." It's great for remedial work too.
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