Fun U.S. History and Geography Interactive

Reviewed by Diane Flynn Keith
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Resource:Fun U.S. History and Geography Interactive United States History Map
Summary:Annenberg media sponsors the fantastic website with all kinds of free resources across the curriculum for teachers of grades K-12, including some of the best educational interactives we've seen
Description:ClickScholar MaryAnna recommended this new addition to the interactive site where, by clicking on maps of the U.S. and linked information within them, you can learn about the geography of the U.S. and how it's development impacted the course of history from European colonization (and the impact on native inhabitants) to how the country expanded to become 50 states.

When you get to the site, read the introduction and then simply click on the "next" buttons at the bottom of each page to make your way through the five lessons sequentially that include:

1) From Sea to Shining Sea - Discover the geographic features of North America including names of major rivers and mountain ranges.

2) 50 States - Learn the names of every state, where they are located, and the geographic region they occupy.

3) Indians - Meet the original inhabitants of the U.S. - the North American Indian tribes. You'll get a good overview of what regions various tribes occupied, how they lived, and how they interacted with settlers.

4) Colonists - Discover what regions of the country were colonized by the Spanish, Dutch, French, English and Russians - and the impact of their settlements on America.

5) The Nation Expands - Examine how the United States achieved its current boundaries through wars, treaties, and land purchases. Learn the names of major treaties and the individuals and areas involved as the US expanded from 13 colonies to 50 states.

Each of the five lessons or sections provides background information on the topic, an interactive, and a timed quiz to test students' knowledge. There is also a final, cumulative multiple-choice test with 25 questions. Results are scored and indicate the correct answers (and which chapters to review for any problems missed).

MaryAnna commented that there is a lot of material in this interactive and estimated that it would take an adult about one hour to review the material and do the activities. She wrote, "For younger students, this might be enough material to use for a full year of US geography and history."
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