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Resource:Interactive "Elements of a Story"& More! Language Interactives
Summary:Age Range: 7-18 (Grades 2-12 with parental guidance) A Maryland ClickScholar recommended the Language Interactives section of the incredible website.
Description:They offer free, interactive lessons on the elements of storytelling, the structure of writing a good story, how to use primary sources for historical facts when writing, and even an interactive spelling bee!

When you get to the site you'll see the menu of amazing interactives for every subject that are archived on this site. Don't get distracted. :)

Look under "Language Interactives" to find:

*Elements of a Story (Grades 2-5) - Explore the different ingredients and elements that go into stories such as characters, plot, and background - and see how they fit together.

*Historical and Cultural Contexts (Grades 9-12) - Learn how to record history and figure out when and where an historical event took place by examining primary sources. Test your document expertise and analytical skills too.

*Literature (Grades 9-12) - Take a journey through a classic short story, A Jury of Her Peers, by Susan Glaspell. Along the way, explore the story's literary elements, learn about the structure of a story, and try some of the activities.

*Spelling Bee (Grades 1-8) - Take part in a virtual old-fashioned spelling bee! Listen to three stories and then spell words from each story. You can review the words, hear the audio, find definitions, and see the words used in context too!

Of course, once you're through with the Language Interactives, you'll want to return to the main menu to explore Math, History, Science, and Arts interactives too.

Bookmark this site, it's a keeper!

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