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Summary:Age Range: 5-12 (Grade 1-8; with parental supervision). This nonprofit site originates from England, so you will notice a few spelling, vocabulary, and pronunciation differences, but that only adds to the fun. While this site is designed for non-native speakers of English, the online games are educational for native speakers as well.
Description:There is something for everyone here! For example, you will learn that what we call a "shopping cart" in the US is called a "trolley" in the UK. When you get to the site, the large section in the middle of the page contains the current featured topics; the menu across the top leads to many of the best goodies on this site. On the menu you'll discover:

  • Listen & Watch - Songs, short stories, poems, and more
  • Read and Write
  • Speak and Spell
  • Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Fun and Games
  • Print and Make - Flashcards, crafts, worksheets and coloring
  • Parents - Courses, tips and resources

Note that some of the tunes are contemporary (rock) -- and at least the Zoo and Goldilocks stories/songs contain some visual effects that parents should preview for suitability.

And if you are looking for a particular topic, you can search in the A-Z list of topics on the right sidebar. Older children can find activities to help with their grammar and vocabulary on the LearnEnglish Teen site and adults can go to the main LearnEnglish site.
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