Lazy 5 Ranch

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Facility:Lazy 5 Ranch
Description:The Lazy 5 Ranch is a privately owned exotic animal drive thru park that offers a 3.5 mile safari through the gently sloping pasturelands of Piedmont, North Carolina. While visiting the Lazy 5 Ranch you will have the opportunity to view over 750 animals from six different continents. You can see these animals from the safety of your own car or call for reservations on their horse drawn wagons. And be sure to bring your camera! This is a drive-through experience unique to North Carolina. There is no other collection of animals like this in the Southeast.
Address 1:15100 Mooresville Road
Address 2:
Zip Code:28115
V I S I T I N G   I N F O
Hours:Monday - Saturday - 9 am until 1 hour before sunset
Sunday 1 pm until 1 hour before sunset
Admission:General Admission Wagon Rides An Additional Fee (includes feed) Adults $8.50 $5.00 Children 2-11 $5.50 $3.00 Seniors (60 and above) $5.50 $3.00 Special Group Rates (15 or more people, including eve
Telephone:(704) 663-5100
Website:Visit Website
Christie H., Co-op Member
We visited the Lazy 5 Ranch several years ago and are dying to go back! My daughter was only 2.5 at the time and she loved seeing the animals up close. Now that she's older, we might let her try to feed the animals. The only thing to look out for is animals crowding around your car (looking for food) and making it difficult to drive by.
Amanda P., Co-op Member
As of May 2013, this is a disgrace. I wish I could give it no stars. Only go if you want to teach your kids about animal neglect and cruelty. Facility cited by USDA repeatedly for treatment of animals. Please do not support this facility.

After great reviews from friends, etc we packed up our family and headed to the ranch. I noticed some of the animals did not look well. I said nothing until my children noticed how the animals were being treated. This became an excruciatingly painful lesson on how not to treat animals and that some people in the world just don't care. One deer had an open wound that looked infected with flies in it. I found out later that PETA has filed complaints against the private owner for animal neglect and abuse. Giraffes have overgrown hoofs that caused them to walk on their heels, did not sheer sheep leaving them in 80+ degree weather, unsupervised visitation with dangerous animals by children, no water sources or sufficient shade areas for animals, untreated animal hernias that required euthanasia, and the list goes continues forever.

Restrooms not clean, hand sanitizing stations empty. Not good because petting zoos and the like can transmit e coli. Go to the NC Zoo instead.
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