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Resource:Kids Exericse and Fitness
Summary:Essentially this site archives interesting articles with tips and advice for keeping your kids active and fit by providing exercise and nutrition ideas
Description:When you get to the site, you'll see instructions at the top of the screen for how to navigate the site. Below that are some featured articles of interest. Use the menu on the left to access many articles by experts and journalists on these topics:

* Fit Families - Learn how to make time for family fitness including using pets as exercise partners.

* Fit Kids - Find out how much activity kids need, get fitness suggestions for 5-12 year olds, learn about fitness equipment, personal trainers, and yoga for kids.

* Fit Teens - Discover fitness games for teens, how to have a healthy body image, and how to manage stress through exercise.

* Fit Under 5's - Get fun activities to channel your preschooler's boundless energy and form good nutrition and exercise habits early.

* Fitness On the Go - Incorporate movement into holidays and vacations. Get the scoop on Sports and Weigh Loss Camps.

* Home Fitness - Enjoy suggestions for active indoor play. Learn about exercise videos for kids and how to get fit playing computer games!

* Nutrition & Health - Learn about foods that fuel active, growing bodies and improve health and fitness.

* Sports - Read advice on all kinds of sports activities from cold weather sports to extreme sports to martial arts for kids and more!

The articles are well-written with a nice balance of facts, practical advice, and easy tips for incorporating health and fitness into your family's daily lives.
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