Geography "Place the State" Game

Reviewed by Diane Flynn Keith
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Resource:Geography "Place the State" Game
Provider:JimsPages: U.S. State Geography Game
Summary:Age Range: 9 and up (with parental supervision)
ClickScholar Shelley recommended this website that offers a free, challenging, interactive U.S. geography game.
Description:When you get to the site you'll see a blank map of the United States. Above the map is an outline of a U.S. state (along with its name). You simply drag-and-drop the state to where it belongs on the map.

As Shelley noted, "It isn't as easy as it may sound, mostly because placing a state in the precise location where it belongs - when there are no boundaries indicated on the map - is a bit tricky!"

I'll say! I spent close to an hour playing this game trying to beat my personal top score without success. I had a lot of fun, though. :)

The "smart" map keeps track of your score, the estimated miles a player is "off" when a state is placed incorrectly on the map, and the time (minutes) it takes to complete the puzzle.

The program varies the order each state is presented with each new game.

This game could prove to be frustrating for younger children. It might help to have a map of the U.S. next to the computer in a more relaxed, learn-as-you-play approach.

CAUTION: This ClickSchooling review is limited to JUST the U.S. puzzle page at this website. I did NOT review the contents of the rest of the site. Parents, should preview and determine suitability of content PRIOR to showing any other pages of the site to chidlren. The good news is that the only thing on this page is the map - there isn't a menu inviting you to click to another page.

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