Language Arts Videos, Songs, Worksheets, Flashcards, & More!

Reviewed by Diane Flynn Keith
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Resource:Language Arts Videos, Songs, Worksheets, Flashcards, & More!
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Summary:Age Range: 5-12 (Grades K-6)
This website offers all kinds of free, fun resources to teach and learn Language Arts (and Math, Science, and Social Sciences) through videos, songs, worksheets, flashcards, and games. Created by an elementary school teacher for classroom teachers, it provides an archive of free resources to engage and educate kids in grades K-6
Description:When you get to the website you'll see a menu of resources that are offered on the site. For this review, I was specifically interested in seeing what they offered for Language Arts, and discovered the following resources:

*Worksheets - Under "English" you'll find printable worksheets that offer practice in grammar and parts of speech such as adverbs, adjectives, nouns, etc. You'll also find worksheets for Handwriting, Phonics, Reading and Writing. Click on the topics to find an extensive menu that provides practice sheets in everything from basic alphabet to reading comprehension, spelling, and more.

*Flash Cards - Print out flash cards to practice grammar, common and proper nouns, phonics, and vocabulary including synonyms and antonyms.

*Songs For Kids - You'll find downloadable songs and lyrics that help kids learn grammar, phonics, and even a song for learning strategies for taking reading comprehension tests!

*Educational Videos - Watch video lessons that teach about nouns, similes, subjects and predicates, and more.

*Fun Activities - Get printable crossword puzzles, word searches, and even reader's theater scripts (so you can act out some favorite books).

You'll also find thousands of free, themed coloring pages.

Bookmark this site and use it as a year-round supplement to learning elementary subjects, or just have fun exploring the games, puzzles and activities with your kids.

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