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Resource:Geography For Kids
Summary:This website provides kids (of many ages) with an introduction to geography through earth sciences
Description:This is brought to you by the geniuses who developed Chem4Kids and Biology4Kids.

When you get to the site, read the introduction as it contains good info on where to start and how to navigate for best use. To get started scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Next Stop On Site Tour" arrow, or use the site map that lists all of the topics, or use the menu to explore:

*EARTH ENERGY - Explore global Geometry, electromagnetic radiation, waves and particles, solar energy, atmospheric interaction, and temperature including Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin scales.

*EARTH STRUCTURE - Learn what the Earth is made of including the plates, mantles, the liquid inner core, the magnetic fields, rocks and minerals, and discover what tectonics has to do with earthquakes and volcanoes.

*ATMOSPHERE - Find out what composes the atmosphere, thermosphere, stratosphere, and troposphere. Learn about temperature and air pressure, altitude, the Coriolis Force, and the Greenhouse Effect.

*HYDROSPHERE - Discover how all kinds of water moves through the world including freshwater, seawater, and groundwater. Learn about wetlands and aquatic biomes. Learn how to identify cloud types.

*BIOSPHERE - Investigate Earth's Biosphere and learn about ecosystems, food chains, natural resources, and recycling.

*BIO-GEO-CHEMICAL (BGC) CYCLES - Learn about the interactive cycles of our ecosystem that include carbon, water, oxygen, nitrogen, Iron, Phosphorus,and rocks.

You'll also find information on climatology, weather, seasons, hurricanes and more!

When you are through exploring each section of the site, you can take interactive quizzes to test your knowledge. A bonus feature is that this site provides links to its "sister" sites for further study in the fields of biology, chemistry, and the cosmos.
This is a terrific resource. I recommend you bookmark it to return often.
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