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Summary:Age Range: 6-13 (grades 1-8, with parental supervision). Part of the larger website, Geo World takes students on an entertaining and colorful interactive exploration of geography. When arriving at this link you are greeted by Winston Bear who explains to students how to navigate through his animated study to reach areas of interest.
Description:There are also navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen for visitors' convenience. Featured areas of study include:
  • World Maps – Select your continent of interest, then narrow down your exploration by selecting a country. Each country includes Quick Stats, Information, Pictures, Anthem, Map, and Links for further study.
  • World Music – Choose from these musical selections and gain an appreciation of the diversity of songs from around the world.
  • Print & Color – Using your browser print option, select continental outline maps to print. Each map also includes a “Passport Assignment” with instructions for students to color and label specific countries, cities, and other geological features.
  • Climates – Using the legend on the page, select a climate to learn more about through images and text. There is also a print option which opens a new window to print out the information as well as provides additional links to other websites for a more in-depth look at a particular climate.
  • Geo Games – Test your knowledge of locations in Canada, the United States, Central America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Australia with these simple interactive map games.
This website continues to evolve with new features being added regularly. When you are done learning in Geo World, you will surely want to explore the other sections of KBears website such as:
  • A to Z Animals
  • Dino Island
  • K-Sub 1
  • KB Farm
  • Science World
  • Game Factory
There is also a Teacher/Parent site available where you can find a selection a free printables to use for various subjects.

The ease of use and delightful animations make this website one that your students will want to come back to time after time.
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