Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

The Visiting Info shown below, if any, is always subject to change. Please check the facility's website for the latest information before making a trip.

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Facility:Fossil Rim Wildlife Center
Description:Come on out for a visit to award winning Fossil Rim, where you can drive through the breathtakingly scenic wildlife drive in the comfort of your own car, see at close quarters free-ranging herds of majestic African savanna wildlife including various antelope, giraffe, wildebeest, and zebra, as well as the handsomest deer you ever did see.

At the halfway point of the drive, stop off for a hearty meal at our Overlook Café, with views over our Chalk Mountain country you have to see to believe. And while you’re there, why not browse the Nature Store, where they have a fresh variety of gifts for the entire family.

Whether you explore on your own for the day, join a guided tour, or enjoy a peaceful overnight stay, you'll have a matchless wildlife adventure in the magnificent landscape of the beautiful north Texas Hill Country.
Address 1:2155 CR 2008
Address 2:
City:Glen Rose
Zip Code:76043-2189
V I S I T I N G   I N F O
Hours:March 1–31
Admissions 8:00-4:30
Café 9:30-5:30
Store 9:00-5:30

Children's Animal Center
Mon - Fri 11:00-4:30, Sat-Sun 10:00 - 5:00

* For the month of March, the last car will be admitted at 4:30, and all visitors must exit the park by 6:30.

April 1 - October 31
Admissions 8:30-5:30
Café 9:30-6:30
Store 9:30-6:30

Children's Animal Center
Mon-Fri 11:00-4:00, Sat-Sun 10:00 - 5:00

Park Closes at 7:30
The last car will be admitted at 5:30, and all visitors must exit the park by 7:30.

October 31– February 28
Admissions 8:30-3:30
Café 10:00-4:30
Store 10:00-4:30
Children's Animal Center 11:00-4:00
Gate Closes at 3:30, Park Closes at 5:30
Admission:Prime Time (March 1 - October 31)
Weekends, Holiday Weekdays, Spring Break
$21.95 Adult (age 12-61)
$18.95 Senior (62 +)
$15.95 Children (3-11, under 3 free)

Peak Time (March 1 - October 31)
Week Days (excluding Public Holidays)
$19.95 Adult (age 12-61)
$15.95 Senior (62 +)
$12.95 Children (3-11, under 3 free)

Discount Wednesdays - Available year-round except for Prime Time and Spring Break (month of March)
$11.50 Adult (age 12-61)
$9.50 Senior (62 +)
$3.00Children (3-11, under 3 free)

Special Category Discounts - Available year-round
Veterans/ Military = 25% off
AAA Members = 10% off
Dallas Zoo soc Members = 50% off

Off Season (November 1 - February 28) All Days
$14.95 Adult (age 12-61)
$10.95 Senior (62 +)
$ 8.95 Children (3-11, under 3 free)

Animal Feed
Per bag - 1 bag per car $7.95
Telephone:(254) 897-2960
Sharla Shaffer, Co-op Member
This place is awesome! My children beg to go because they get to see animals from other parts of the world roaming free. It's a hands-on experience you don't want to miss, and as a bonus they have homeschool days where the staff teach about different subjects pertaining to their wildlife park. Make sure and buy a bag of feed at the park to feed the animals, and enjoy some food at the restaurant mid-way through the park.
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