Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

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Facility:Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
Description:Enjoy the pursuit of an exceptional learning experience in science and history at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, home to more than 175,000 historical and scientific objects with an emphasis on Texas and the Southwest. There is so much to see and do here including the Planetarium, Exhibits, Discovery Labs and the Omni theater.

The science collection consists of many thousands of catalogued specimens that represent the disciplines of botany, entomology, malacology, ornithology, mineralogy, herpetology, mammalogy, invertebrate zoology, meteoritic and paleontology. The herbarium collection of native plants from Texas and the United States dates from the late 1800s to the present.

Address 1:1501 Montgomery Street
Address 2:
City:Fort Worth
Zip Code:76107-3079
V I S I T I N G   I N F O
Hours:Check the website for various events and times.
Admission:General Admission (Combo) Price with Regular Omni
1 Omni Film, 1 Planetarium Show and all Museum Exhibits
Adult: $14.00, Child/Senior: $12.00

Individual Ticket Prices
Omni Theater:
Adult: $7.00 Child/Senior: $6.00
Noble Planetarium:
Adult: $3.50 Child/Senior $3.50
Museum Exhibit:
Adult: $8.00 Child/Senior: $7.00

"Child" is children ages 3-12; "Seniors" are adults 60+
Telephone:(817) 255-9300
Mary Beth, Co-op Member
We have visited this science museum twice separated by about 2-3 years and we have LOVED it both times even though major changes occured in that period. If your child is a lover of dinosaurs and wants more than a cursory exhibit of paleontology this is the place for you. We spent hours just in the dinosaur area because the process of the dig was so well explained. I have to say that the other areas of the museum are great but our time was so wonderful with the dinosaurs that we really have to come back to spend more time elsewhere.

Great for interested kids 7+ as far as paleontology but you will find something for all ages at this museum.
Joe L., Co-op Member
This is a great museum. It is worth a visit if your are in the area, especially if your children like dinosaurs. Plenty to do for the whole famliy with alot of interactive exibits and activities. They have added new sections since our last visit so there are even new things for old patrons.

If you are in Fort Worth, you want to visit this museum.
Wendy H., Co-op Member
The museum is really great and the new facility is amazing. Dino Dig will always be a favorite for our young Paleontologist, but there is so much more than "just" dinosaurs. We particularly like the Fort Worth History Gallery and The Cattle Raisers Museum. The new building allows for gorgeous displays of various collections (eggs, vintage toys, cameras and photography, butterflies and moths). The Omni Theater and the Planetarium are also not to be missed. When things got a little overstimulating, there is an amazing water feature in the courtyard that was quite calming.
Sandie D, Co-op Member
We go to the Fort Worth Museum as often as we can. You can follow them on Facebook for specials and events. Last year for Halloween they had Ick or Treat - the kids come dressed up and play a science game at a table and get candy.
Also, they have a whole kids science section that my son loves. Kids get to put their hands on everything. This is a great place to take the kids to learn something by playing.
My husband and I love going to watch the Omni movies, but my son who has sensory processing disorder doesn't care for it. The theater is at a very steep incline and you feel like you are going to fall forward. The sound quality is great with all the speakers behind the screen. It was just too loud for my son.
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