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Summary:Age Range: All (All grades; children with parental supervision). This website is the result of a project conducted in Pittsburgh, PA that encouraged people of all ages to rediscover their creative energy through artistic assignments suggested by real artists.
Description:While the actual art project took place in 2004, the assignments are archived at the website to inspire artistic endeavors forevermore.

When you get to the site, you must wait for the introduction that is slow-moving, and then double-click on the final words in the presentation to get to the menu. Your patience will pay off. From the menu, you can read about the "EAA" - Everyday Art Assignment project, and review "Successes" - artistic submissions by people worldwide.

THE BEST PART OF ALL is the "Artist Assignments." Click on this item and a new page opens featuring the photos of 15 artists who contributed SUGGESTIONS for art assignments that you can try at home. Click on the artist's photo, and a new page opens to their art assignment. You'll find suggestions such as:
  • Persephone's Return - Learn about the Greek goddess of Spring through planting seeds and tracking their growth with a nature journal.

  • Everyday Ritual - Create a photo-documentation of an everyday ritual.

  • Gained in Translation - Write a 24-line poem and use a recommended website to translate it into multiple languages.

  • Fiber Jambalaya - Use old clothes to create the craziest quilt ever!

  • Make A Paper Doll of a Great Friend!

  • Use 17 Objects to Create Peace.

  • And more!
Each Art Assignment provides very simple instructions, leaving the rest to your imagination. Pictures of other people's results are provided to help you better understand the assignment.

Think of this website as an "art-starter." Even if you don't do the exact assignment, it will certainly inspire artistic expression in one way or another.
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