EdVenture Children's Museum

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Facility:EdVenture Children's Museum
Description:An unparalleled 67,000-square-feet of turbo-charged learning and fun - the biggest children's museum in the South.
Designed for children 12 and younger; perfect for families, teachers, caregivers, and the child in you.

Eight spectacular galleries, two unique resource centers, and Oh, yeah, the world's largest child!
Address 1:211 Gervais Street
Address 2:
Zip Code:29202
V I S I T I N G   I N F O
Hours:Monday - Saturday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sunday: Noon - 5 p.m.
Memorial Day through Labor Day, open 7 days a week!
Open: Fourth of July, Labor Day, all Federal and school holidays
Closed: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
Admission:$6.95 per child and $8.95 per adult. Free admission when you become a member. Children under one are FREE!
Telephone:(803) 779-3100
Website:Visit Website
Ann S., Co-op Member
Fun! My daughters are 9 and 7 and thoroughly enjoy EdVenture. Their favorite parts are the grocery store, farm, and whatever special exhibit is outside. Usually it's something water-related. One summer it was all about bubbles. Plan that particular exhibit for the END of your visit so your kiddos won't have to wander around the museum in wet clothes.

There are also seasonal exhibits and a building room where kids fasten together big panels with giant screws.

Another favorite thing to see is whatever the "travelling" exhibit is. It's always educational, hands-on, usually involving some kind of play, and sometimes there is something to take home (such as writing your name in heiroglyphics).

Plan to spend the day. There is a cafeteria where you can order McDonalds on a video screen and it's brought to you from a local restaurant. Kind of fun!
Lori A., Co-op Member
I was SO impressed with this children's museum. Everything in it is designed to be a hands-on experience for the kids. They learn about everything from farming, where they can sit on a tractor, milk a life-sized cow, plant and harvest vegetables, pick peaches, and gather eggs...(all which are fake) to learning about the human body and all the organs and things inside. They can go inside a lifesize car and put gas in the tank, climb aboard a firetruck and put on firehats, boots, and jackets.

They can see how houses are made and all the things behind the walls such as plumbing, they can pretend to be a newscaster and see themselves on TV. There is an arts and crafts room where they can make their own creation out of recycled items...there is a music room where they can make music. There is a dentist's office, cafe, and grocery store, all where they can pretend to be working or visiting. And of course Giant Ed, who is forty feet tall sitting, has lots of places for them to explore inside his body.
There are to many things to list. Their website says there are over 350 different exhibits, aimed at ages 12 and under, and all hands-on where the children get to experience it for themselves. I took my four-year-old daughter, who wanted to go again on her 5th birthday. It wasn't quite as exciting the second time because it wasn't "new" to us, but still a wonderful adventure for any child, and extrememly affordable. Highly reccommended!
Patricia, Co-op Member
Edventure Children's Museum is a fantastic place for kids to explore. My boys love it and have enjoyed the exhibits every time we go. They always want to know when we can go back. My oldest likes any of the science related or technology exhibits, while the younger enjoys buying from the store and budgeting his money earned. Hope that translates to smart budgeting when he is older. The hands-on learning is top notch. They are having so much fun, they forget they are learning. I wish we lived a little closer so we could go more often. Then we could be sure to take advantage of all the seasonal or traveling exhibits they offer. Edventure should be on everyone's short list of field trips. Enjoy!
H. Lee, Co-op Member
This is an excellent field trip - well worth the time & effort to travel to Columbia. We went to a presentation called "Healthy Me," which was very well done. The teacher was very energetic, clear, and prepared. She called on most of the students, had them come up front to demonstrate the path of food through the digestive system, and taught them a motion game for the different systems.
The museum itself is 100% hands on exhibits, including a fire truck & VW bug that children can climb into, (They can even pretend to pump gas)a dentist's office, a TV news station, a farm area with a tractor and cow (with simulated milking udders). Excellent, educational & FUN!
Kristie Hunter, Co-op Member
EdVenture is a great way to spend the day with young children! My boys (8 & 5) love the exhibits, especially the fire truck where they can dress up like firemen. We also really enjoy the fairly new vet clinic where they can role play and care for the "animals" there.

Also, there are monthly homeschool classes that are a wonderful value if you are not a member. They are only $8 per child and 1 parent gets in free. This price includes the class AND admission to the museum.

Overall, a FANTASTIC way to spend the day!
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