Advent Calendar Math & Math Games

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Resource:Advent Calendar Math & Math Games
Provider:Dr. Mike's Math Games for Kids: Advent Calendar
Summary:Age Range: 4-13 (Grades PreK-7, approximately)
This website offers a free, printable Advent Calendar that you can assemble and use to help young children learn basic math concepts and skills. The calendar is courtesy of the website creator, Dr. Mike. He believes that children learn math best
through playing games!
Description:ClickSchooling reviewed this site a couple of years ago and new content has been added (such as the Advent Calendar) that makes it worth another peek.

When you get to the site you'll see the instructions for printing out and assembling the Advent Calendar, along with ideas for how to use it with young children.

Use the menu on the left side of your screen to explore the free most popular and coolest math games archived at this site for students in grades 1-7. You'll find:/

*Elementary Games and Primary Games - Discover math games and math toys that will help you provide your children (in grades 1-7) with a deep, intuitive sense of important math concepts such as number, shape, size, arithmetic, logic, and more. And as Dr. Mike explains, "The children in your care will love you for it."

*Home School - Dr. Mike provides creative and interesting games and tips to help homeschool families learn math. As Dr. Mike explains, "I've gone through all the games on this site, and evaluated them with you, the home-schooler, in mind. It's
my sincere hope that these resources will make your home-schooling a little more joyful - or a little less burdensome - wherever you may now be in your home-schooling journey."

*Kindergarten Math Games - An assortment of games to help preschool and kindergarten children grasp basic math concepts with the understanding that little kids learn by experience - not by rote learning!

You'll also find menu items that sort the games by grade levels 1-7, as well as printable games, calculator games, magic squares, times tables, fractions, and a variety of other games.

These games were selected because they expose children to math facts that result in rote learning without the boredom.

Through playful games your children are immersed in math concepts that provide a foundation on which math skills and
techniques can be successfully built. Plus, Dr. Mike gives tips on how to use them in the classroom or at home. As Dr. Mike says, "Most important, I'll explain why these games help kids love math, why they'll be learning more in hour of play
than they possibly could in a whole day of drills."

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