Disney's Animal Kingdom

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Facility:Disney's Animal Kingdom
Description:Disney storytelling comes to life in a kingdom brimming with fun, wonder and adventure. Join together with your circle of loved ones to savor thrilling attractions, shows, the majesty of nature and the fascinating animals — real and imagined — that enrich our planet. Must Sees at Disney's Animal Kingdom: Finding Nemo - The Musical, Kilimanjaro Safaris, DINOSAUR, Festival of the Lion King, It's Tough to be a Bug!,
Kali River Rapids, Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade.

For a tour adventure, try the Backstage Safari where you can take a backstage walking safari for an insider's look at the innovative ways that Disney's Animal Kingdom® cares for its special inhabitants.
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S. Miele, Co-op Member
Animal Kingdom is a "zoo" as only Disney can do. While the rides and shows are wonderful, the best part of Animal Kingdom is the safari. There are so many animals and habitats to see, and your helpful tour guide has so many interesting facts to share! We also enjoy Conservation Station - there are many different animals here as well - some recovering at the hospital (staffed by wonderful people who love to answer questions!), others outside in the Affection Station, waiting to be petted! The Maharajah Jungle Trek and Pangani Forest Exploration Trail also offer many opportunities to see animals you don't get to see every day. Well worth a trip from anywhere!
Cathy U., Co-op Member
I didn't think I would enjoy Animal Kingdom as much as I did. I figured it was kind of like a big zoo. I was wrong. The safari ride was such an adventure for our kids. They were able to see animals up close, and enjoy a cool jeep ride just like they would have done in Africa. When discussing art and performance, Disney knows how to put on a show. Their parade alone showcases many talents and costumes.
Michelle Crooker, Co-op Member
Disney s Animal Kingdom Review

First off Disney s Animal Kingdom is not a zoo. Yes, they have animals, but it is so much more than that. Also, don t think it doesn t count as a field trip because it is an amusement park, it definitely counts. Want to know why? Check out these great things:

** Discovery Kids Club! -- The Discovery Kids Club is a super program that gets kids interacting with cast members while learning at the same time. You start at any of the Kids Club spots (they are marked on the map) and you get your Discovery Kids Club passport. At each of the spots you received a stamp for the activity that you do. They are not very strict about giving out stamps, I have seen parents walk up, tells their child to give the cast member their passport, get the stamp and leave, but that is not in the spirit of the discovery. So what can kids discover? Well, in Africa the kids follow clues to discover what kind of animal has been in the area. At Rafiki s Planet watch, they play a kind of eye spy to discover what animals live in your backyard. Dinoland provides a puzzle of dinosaur bones to assemble, while the road to Camp Minnie Mickey has kids using their sense of touch to determine what is hidden in a log.

** Kilimanjaro Safari This Safari takes your family on a trek through the wilderness. As you are traveling you see all sorts of animals (which offers the opportunity to discuss and learn about various animals), but the safari goes one step further when poachers enter the picture. With the rest of your safari traveling companions you help chase away the poachers and save a baby elephant. This is a great lesson in empathy (who doesn t love baby elephants) and a great life lesson as well.

** Pangani Forest Exploration Trail This walking trail through the Pangani Forest allows your kids to stop and read about all of the animals living in and around the Forest. You also visit the aviary where children can pick up a bird id card. Spend some time in here watching for the various birds. It is so exciting when your child (or you) spot a bird on your id card, then spot it in real life. You can see the bird, you know it s name how cool is that? Cast members are around as well and are more than willing to share their knowledge with you or point out some of the species that they have seen recently.

** Physics of Roller Coasters Of course, you can t miss the chance to ride a roller coaster. While Disney s Animal Kingdom doesn t boast many roller coasters it does have rides. Any of these rides are great for learning about physics. Take a spring mass gauge with you on Everest Exhibition and see how many g-forces you feel when going down the big hill. What about trying to measure the spin of Primeval Whirl?

** Flights of Fancy Not only do you get an opportunity to sit down, you get a great show. Flights of Fancy allows you to learn about various birds and see many of them, while being entertained at the same time. These beautiful birds are amazing to watch.

If you are looking for a fun family vacation but feel guilty about the kids missing school don t! They will learn all sorts of things and you get to spend some quality time together what could be better.
Shelley, Co-op Member
Animal Kingdom is amazing and is so much more than a zoo or amusement park! There is quite a bit of geography and history as well! Just walking through the different "continents" gives your children a great visual of life there. Also, for your budding paleontologist, there is a cool, shaded dinosaur dig area behind the playground in Dino-Land. The Safari is a fun way to see African wildlife as if you are really on a safari, and the walking areas around the ride contain a large variety of animals. There are always employees around, too, to ask questions and give more information. My little ones loved the footprints embedded in the pathway and enjoyed trying to figure out the animals to whom they belonged. The parade is fascinating in it's range of costumes--don't miss it! As in all Disney parks, they go out of their way to be handicap friendly.
A. Laurino, Co-op Member
Disney's Animal Kingdom was much better than my family though it would be. We loved the safari and did the safari several times throughout the day. We did see several different animals at different times.

Many of the cast members are from Africa. My kids loved asking them about the culture and animals of Africa and learned a lot.

My kids loved the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail and the Maharajah Jungle Trek. I was surprised that they wanted to spend all of their time watching the animals and doing the safari. We didn't even get to the "thrill rides."

The elaborate themes in the park are amazing. It is well worth the price of admission.
Roxana Levy, Co-op Member
This is one you can't miss ! The children will absolutely love it and the adults will too. It's not a zoo, but you can definitely see plenty of wildlife here plus more !
The Safari ride is so much fun, and you can see Elephants, Giraffes, and so much more, and of course it's all done in a very safe manner as only Disney can do it.
You have Dinosaur ride, a bit scary for my little ones, but they got over it.
There are parades, shows and shops. They also have the exhibits that you can see, and tours, just like a zoo.
You'll have an amazing time !
Kendra H., Co-op Member
One thing I must start out with is Disney parks allow outside food!!!! This is a big thing because a lot parks do not allow this, and anyone on a budget knows how expensive it can be to try to feed a family at an amusement park! Now for the park experience... We must say first and foremost the safari ride is our favorite ride, but if you can manage to go early before it gets to hot or if you are lucky enough to be there on a cooler day it is a bonuse because a lot more of animals will be out for you to see on the ride. We also love all of the educational material on the animals. Rafiki's Planet Watch is a neat little area that you take a train ride back to, as you are on the train you get a peek at some of the animals night houses. If your lucky when you get to Rafiki's there will be an animal on display having a procedure done. We were lucky enough to catch a taveta golden weaver having it's annual exam being done. While at the park you must catch one of the shows I must say Festival of the Lion King is AMAZING! Nemo is also just as great, but I am partial to the Lion King. Also get the kids close enough to the Tree of Life to see how many animals they can identify. The only down side is when the park is busy it feels even more crowded because the pathways are more narrow than they are at the other Disney parks. Bring lots of water!
Kristen S, Co-op Member
This is my son's favorite park! He loves animals and learned so much while having a great time.
Tonya Ferguson, Co-op Member
Astounding!! We had such an awesome time at this park. Would love to go back again and again!
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