Digital American History for K-12

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Resource:Digital American History for K-12
Summary:The University of Houston sponsors this free, in-depth, American history website
Description:*Designed for Grades K-16, but majority of content appears to be high school level and up.

The University of Houston sponsors this free, in-depth, American history website that includes:

*A U.S. history textbook
*Lesson plans and e-lectures
*Primary source documents including court cases and Supreme
Court decisions
*Essays, letters, and cartoons
*Multimedia exhibitions
*Video, films, and flash movies
*Audio presentations of speeches and debates
*Interactive modules, history games, and quizzes
*Historical Music
*Reference resources that include classroom handouts
*"Ask the HyperHistorian" - professional historians answer your questions
*Resources to create your own multimedia American history exhibitions

The content here covers 44 historical eras with exploration activities on topics such as:

*Mexican, Tejano, and Texian perspectives on the battle of the Alamo
*Franklin D. Roosevelt's decision to relocate Japanese Americans during WW II
*Children's perspectives on slavery, westward migration, and WW II

When you get to the site you'll see the main features in the center of the homepage - click on any one to sample what's available here. Then, use the extensive menu on the left to begin your exploration of the array of historical content.

You'll even find links to living history museums, presidential libraries, and other historical websites.

Once your history thinking cap is fully loaded, take the quiz to find your History I.Q. Here's the direct link
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