Dallas Zoo

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Facility:Dallas Zoo
Description:With 95 acres to explore, thousands of animals to visit, and a huge variety of family activities, the Dallas Zoo is enormously entertaining! This 114-year-old refuge is home to exotic and traditional zoo animals. The tallest statue in Texas marks the entrance, a 67.5 foot giraffe that greets visitors. The Wilds of Africa attraction includes the chimpanzee forest, the gorilla center and an aviary on a quarter-mile nature trail where you will explore several habitats including forest, mountain, woodland, river, desert and brush. Be sure to take the 20-minute monorail ride, which runs the course of the attraction and costs an additional fee but is well worth it. At ZooNorth experience many animals in their environments, including a bird and reptile building, children's zoo with touchable animals, cheetah exhibit and birds of prey, as well as elephants, giraffes, flamingos and other traditional animals.
Address 1:650 So. R.L. Thorton Fwy
Address 2:
Zip Code:75203-3034
V I S I T I N G   I N F O
Hours:9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily
*Closed Christmas day
Admission:$8.75 Adults (age 12-64)
$5.75 Children (age 3-11)
$5.00 Seniors (age 65 up)
FREE Children (age 2 and under)
FREE Members of the Dallas Zoological Society
Telephone:(214) 670-5656
Vicki Sword, Co-op Member
Although we prefer the Fort Worth Zoo, the Dallas Zoo is coming along! They have made many improvements there to the exhibits to make it much more desirable to go there. The monorail is always a hit with the kids.
Joe L., Co-op Member
A very good smaller sized zoo that has come a long way, and is very affordable. It is easy to enjoy and the monrail is a blast for the kids. A great wy to spend an afternoon in Dallas and easy to combine with other atrractions in the fair park area.
Stephanie Ansell, Co-op Member
They have a great children's zoo where the kids can run around in a fountain in the shape of a river to cool off, ride ponies, feed birds, play with turtles, and many other kid friendly activities.
They also just build a new section that is amazing! It's called the giants of the savannah and it is so big! You can eat with the lions, feed the giraffs, and ride elephant statues. Great place, great family fun!
Amanda, Co-op Member
Had a wonderful time with our homeschool group. A lot to do here and the exhibits are beautifully done. And very inexpensive for the day.
Debi W., Co-op Member
Children's zoo is great with fun activities for the kids. The monarail was a big hit. The pricing is rwasonae and affordable.
Olivia S., Co-op Member
A beautiful zoo, and it is worth taking the train to this zoo, as it drives right up to it, avoiding parking and traffic. We had a blast riding the train to the zoo, and the zoo was wonderful with a many animals to look at and learn about. Take with you a nature guide and notebook and do a scavenger hunt for things while you are there.
Write a review of this Field Trip destination