Conner Prarie

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Facility:Conner Prarie
Description:Conner Prairie is an open-air living history museum. It serves as a local, regional, and national center for research and education about the lives, times, attitudes, and values of early 19th-century settlers in the Old Northwest Territory, based upon the Indiana experience. Conner Prairie features a modern Museum Center, special facilities, and three historic areas: the historic 1836 village of Prairietown, the 1823 William and Elizabeth Conner Home, and the Pioneer Adventure Area. The museum and historic areas are set on a 210 acre site featuring wooded areas and orchards along the White River in central Indiana.
Address 1:13400 Allisonville Rd.
Address 2:
Zip Code:46038
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Hours:Check their web site for current hours of operation
Telephone:(800) 966-1836
Website:Visit Website
Scarlett M., Co-op Member
Connor Prairie is a living history museum. It is a hands on learning center that teaches Indiana history. It particularly develops the theme of how Indiana life on the White river grew from a fur trading post to a prosperous town/state. You learn about the history of the Miami, Delaware, and Lenape Indian tribes. You learn about life in Indiana from the intrepreters that teach from real-life accounts found in journals of early Indiana settlers. The areas you progress through are a fur trading camp, a native american village, an Indiana town in 1800-1860 and then a settlement from 1860-1900. The hands on activities include candle making, animal encounters, you might get the opportunity to help prepare a meal by grinding corn or picking vegetables in the garden. As a living history museum the activities change with the seasons. An updated calendar of events can be found online to help plan your visit. This is a family friendly field trip that is great for all ages.
Cathy U., Co-op Member
Conner Prairie is a great place to get a hands-on experience of pioneer life. When we went into the general store, my kids were amazed that you could get several items for just one penny!

The volunteers/workers stay in period character so it gives you a realistic experience. That with the hands-on activities they allow the kids to do make it more memorable.

The Headless Horseman is a fun event especially if you have done a Legend of Sleepy Hollow study.

They also offer homeschool classes periodically throughout the year. The Native American class they offered in the fall was really informative and interesting to my kids. They learned how to speak some of the language, dance and the history of the tribe.
Rebecca, Co-op Member
We just went on this trip, including the hot air balloon ride. The kids all had a blast. They love how the workers all speak to you as if they are in that era of time. ex. they won't talk about antibiotics, act as if they've never heard of such a thing. It's so fun!

They act as if they are the owners of those houses/shops/etc and speak as an owner would.

I highly recommend this site!
Amy L., Co-op Member
Very educational!!! Great way to learn about history through living it. Everyone is very nice and knowledgeable.
Jill V., Co-op Member
This was one our favorite field trips! The park has four different areas featuring four periods in American History. There are hands-on activities such as milking a cow, pitching manure, etc. We hope to return for another visit soon. They prepare meals using food that was grown on the premises and even butcher and preserve some of their own meat. Our daughter's favorite part was pitching manure.
Indya Peoples, Co-op Member
My children had an amazing time here AND as an added bonus if you have Medicaid as your health insurance, for every card you bring with you, the admission fee is only $1! What a deal!
Jasmine T, Co-op Member
I take my kids here at least once a year, and have taken family there when they are in town for a visit. My boys love the Indian Village and the chance to throw the ax at the stump. They also love taking part in activites they have different times. They really enjoyed beening able to help make hand-dipped candles on our last visit. There is so much there to see and do. One thing we do for our kids on their birthdays is let them choose a place to go on a field trip. This is usually on the list.
Amanda, Co-op Member
For homeschool families it is nice! For ps kids field trip here they don't have enough time to do a lot of stuff!
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